Take measures to increase the income of farmers

Take measures to increase the income of farmers

Take measures to increase the income of farmers

[] [Font size] [] Farmers are the main force of food production, with high grain income, directly affecting farmers’ granks, and even affects national food security.

Recently, the State Council executive meeting reviewed and considered through the "14th Five-Year Plan" to promote the modernization of agricultural rural areas, promote rural rejgience and farmers’ income growth.

  For the food farmers, increased revenue mainly operate income, metastatic income, wage income, asset income and affordable income.

Grain income is an important one of the increased business income of farmers.

For a grain farmer, we must continue to improve the living standards, we must first stabilize food production. However, a reality issue that has to be facing is that the current grain is relatively low, in order to live a more wonderful life, many farmers will choose to increase in urban trial.

This is also an important reason for the tendency of grain production and tendency in rural areas. Grain prices increase the business income of grain farmers. This year, domestic food prices are basically in high operational trend. During summer grain acquisition, wheat and early pota rice prices continue to maintain high, and the property area did not start the purchase of wheat and early Indica. However, after entering the peak season of the autumn grain, the three major grain prices of wheat, rice and corn have differentiation, wheat, corn prices in the high level, and China and China have a large number of centralized listing, the price has declined.

In order to effectively protect the benefits of rice farmers, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Heilongjiang and other rice producing areas will launch the minimum purchase price of rice, and give full play to the role of policy acquisitions to ensure that farmers are not lost. Since this year, grain costs have risen sharply, squeezed with grain revenue, and have a certain impact on farmers’ income and food stability. In order to boost the farmers, the state has adopted a series of initiatives, improved food support protection policy, improves compensation mechanism, and increases the cost of food production, expands full cost insurance and income insurance pilot of food crops, and increase farmers’ metastatic income. Let the farmers have money to earn money. In particular, the Central Finance has issued 1.4 billion yuan of funds from 14 billion yuan in the four-year-time newly distributed to the actual grain farmers. , Purchase fuel, fertilizer, seed (seedling) and other agricultural production restoration required materials materials and services to support the production initiation of autumn harvest and autumn and winter.

  For the grain farmers, continue to enhance income and living standards, only relying on food prices and agricultural subsidies are difficult to achieve.

Practice of all localities, to ensure food security at a higher level, continue to increase the income of grain farmers, need to accelerate the development of agricultural modernization, build a modern food industry system, speed up the cultivation of agricultural industrialization, and build food from the field to the table. The industrial chain, the establishment of "leading enterprises + cooperative + farmers", cultivating the agricultural management of agricultural management, and improve the agricultural social service system, let the small farmers take modern agriculture Express.

Accelerate the development of the first two-three industry integration, broaden farmers’ income channels, allowing farmers to achieve the employment entrepreneurship at home, share value-added revenue, increase wage income and operating income. Continue to improve the income and living standards of grain farmers, but also constantly shrink urban and rural gaps, strengthen rural infrastructure construction, improve rural education, medical, and pension, etc. basic public service quality. At the moment, there is still a large number of "sleep" resources, which is the potential of farmers to increase property income, and needs to be activated by accelerating rural key areas and key link reforms.

Many producing grain counties have been a national-level poor county. After the decisive victory of the poverty, it also needs to be consolidated to expand the effective connection of the country’s revitalization, improve the development conditions of the gap, and ultimately realize the high quality and efficient development of the food industry. , Rural shoulder, peasant wealthy goals.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.

Shanghai Putuo Cao Yangxin Village: New China Pioneer, New Era

Shanghai Putuo Cao Yangxin Village: New China Pioneer, New Era

The electric vehicle enters the elevator and the ladder control system immediately issues. Cao Yangxin Village Street is for map, although this sharpener effectively prevents the residents from charging electric vehicles in high-risk conditions, how does residents will give electric vehicle charging daily demand? To this end, the street launched four sets of "charging babies", namely the underground garage charging pile of community, charging pile along the street, fast charge cabinet, the roadside will change the fast power change cabinet, bring "home door" to residents Safety. "One Network Standard" + Ladder Control System + "Charging Baby", Cao Yang, this complete set of digitalization, effectively controls the challenge of electric vehicle charging.

Urban lives are updated in the years, and many social governance problems have gradually floated the surface, but Cao Yang has been continuously attacked: it is possible to accurately capture, trace, and proof the "Cao Yang Eyes" of high-altitude parabolic; The unregulated residents’ voice call system; during the epidemic prevention and control, the intelligent door magnetic system for real-time monitoring and management of home medical observation objects; creating "appropriate aging" convenience channels, launching support for ID card Instead of the smart terminal of the sweeping code … From "Heaven" to "Underground" to "people", from the general convenience to the special crowd, this digital community governance road, Cao Yang step, one footprint, never stop exploration .

The foregoing has been mentioned that Cao Yangxin Village’s old population accounts for%, so it is especially important for the old service. In the digital transformation period, helping the elderly across the "Digital Ditch", so that the demand for digital dividends is extremely urgent and the demand for the elderly group is extremely urgent, and this is also the focus of the street.

Options, the streets of home safety and spiritual life need, launched the "Cao Yang Elf" integrating emergency call function, real-time call function, voice broadcast function, and data collection function. The biggest advantage of this magical "elves" is that it is a voice-driven drive and use, which is very convenient for the elderly. If the old man falls at home, do not need any hardware, just call "Cao Yang Elf", you can call with the Cadres of the Commission to seek help.

As Zhang Lei, deputy director of the street office: "The old people sometimes can’t keep up, but we must pull them, actively explore innovation, let technology no longer cold, canmerate, can know, can be pension The service takes them around and embraces the digital age.

"A few days ago, Cao Yangxin Village Street has also received the honorary title of" Pilot Demonstration Street "of Smart Health and Pension Application.

Shanxi "13th Five-Year" energy consumption dual-control target responsibility evaluation assessment results release

Shanxi "13th Five-Year" energy consumption dual-control target responsibility evaluation assessment results release

  Original title: "13th Five" energy consumption dual-control target responsibility evaluation results released November 9 , Taiyuan, Yangquan, Zhangzhou, Changzhi 5 city assessment results are completed, and the results of Zhangzhou City are the basic completion level, Jinzhong, Linyi, Yuncheng, Jincheng, Lu Liang 5 city assessment results as unfinished levels.

  The province’s quotation results are the Datong, Taiyuan, Yangquan, Zhangzhou, and Changzhi 5 cities.

Qizhou City, the assessment results, give an early warning reminder, and demand that Zhangzhou City carefully finds the problems and weak links, further increase the work, strengthen policy measures, and focus on the difficulties encountered in the power consumption. question.

For the results of the assessment, Jinzhong, Linyi, Yuncheng, Jincheng, Lu Liang 5 cities, 5 cities to report to the provincial government within one month in the assessment results, and propose "145" promotion Double-control work, complete the specific measures for the task objectives.

(Xue Jianying).

Shenzhen University Hospital Management Research Institute is unveiled

Shenzhen University Hospital Management Research Institute is unveiled

  Xinhuanet Shenzhen October 24th (Reporter Bai Yu) was established 24 days from Shenzhen University Hospital Management Research Institute, which was jointly established by Shenzhen University, South China Hospital.

  Shenzhen has added more than 20 hospitals in the past five years, and continuously explores innovation in public hospital reforms, diversified doors, etc., but hospital management professional talent reserves, especially excellent medical management talents are still large. Shenzhen University Hospital Management Research Institute is based on large comprehensive teaching hospitals, specializing in hospital management research and modern hospital management talent training. Wu Song, Dean of the South China Hospital of Shenzhen University, said: "For hospitals, it is necessary to continually explore medical management suitable for its own development, and it is also necessary to absorb both foreign experience and national conditions, and can master structured knowledge. Manage talents. "It is understood that Shenzhen University Hospital Management Research Institute will be guided by the major realistic issues in public hospital management, through absorption and drawing on the excellent practical experience of hospital reform and the frontier theory, carry out hospital management research, while in medical reform Policy, personnel management, medical system, performance reform, medical separation, medical reform pilot practice, smart hospital construction, legal governance model, etc. special research.

Taiyuan City Talk about violations and sharing electric bicycles

Taiyuan City Talk about violations and sharing electric bicycles

  Original title: The city is about to invest in the city’s municipality in violation, and the shared electric bicycle is not allowed to operate, so most of the streets have difficult to see shared electric vehicles.

However, recently, there is a batch of shared electric vehicles that violate regulations and operations in the streets such as Xuefu Street and Jinyang Street, etc. After verifying investigations, I learned on April 7 that the Municipal Transportation Bureau has interoperable related companies that violate the sharing of electric vehicles. In 2017, the Municipal Government was introduced (revised in April 2020) clearly stipulated in the "Implementation Opinions on Regulating Internet Biking Development):" The city does not develop electric bicycles as Internet rental bikes ", but there are still some business enterprises to put in violation. .

  Wang Guangrui, a public transportation and sharing steam (single) car related person in the city transportation, comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, said that the shared electric car has always been the supervision focus of law enforcement.

Recently, the US group bicycle shared electric vehicles were found, and the shared electric car was shared, and the big haunted electric vehicle was put on the city, and the city transportation department interviewed bicycle enterprises.

Law enforcement officers explained the specific situation of violations of the above enterprises, showing the corresponding documentation, giving advice on recycling processing.

  The municipal transportation department reminded the public that the shared electric vehicles within the sixth cities in our city are illegal, and the electric bicycles are of greatity, fast, and the riding personnel have safety hazards. It is worth noting that minors can also use mobile phone scanning to unlock it. According to relevant regulations, driving electric bicycles and disabled mobile (electric) wheelchairs must be 16 years old. Minors judge road traffic danger, and the avoidance capacity is relatively weak.

At the same time, some children will be randomly riding roads without parental management, chasing, chasing, and extremely easy road safety incidents.

Therefore, parents should manage their children, do not provide the conditions for their cycling, to prohibit the junior people to ride on the road.

(Reporter Li Tao).

The fourth time to participate in the Inner Mongolia delegation reviewed Xi Jinping mentioned these key points

The fourth time to participate in the Inner Mongolia delegation reviewed Xi Jinping mentioned these key points

When I participated in the delegation of Inner Mongolia this year, Xi Jinping pointed out that in Inner Mongolia as the earliest national autonomous region in my country, promoting the honor tradition of promoting the national unity, and long-standing honors have a "model autonomous region", to cherish, continue to maintain. He emphasizes that we must focus on joint solidarity and prosperity, and keep in mind that the Han people are inseparable from the minorities, and ethnic minorities are inseparable from Han nationality. There are also mutual revenue between the ethnic minorities. Increase the identity of all ethnic groups to the great motherland, the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, the Chinese Communist Party, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of enhancing national cultural identity in different occasions in promoting national unity.

On July 15, 2019, Xi Jinping came to the Chifeng Museum during the Inner Mongolia in Inner Mongolia, and learned about the prestige of prehistoric cultural exploration and protection of Hongshan culture and the historical evolution of Qidan Liao culture, Mongolian Yuan culture.

He talked about. "my country is a unified multi-ethnic country, the Chinese nation is formed by multi-ethnic minor exchanges," "" "" " The recognition of the great motherland, the recognition of the Chinese nation, the recognition of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. " On September 27, 2019, the national unity and progress commendation meeting was held. Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, to strengthen the socialist core value education in all ethnic groups, firmly establish the correct view of the motherland, the nation, the cultural view, the historical concept, and enhance the identity of all ethnic groups to Chinese culture. "Cultural identity is the deepest agreement, is the root of national unity, nation and soul.

"In this statement, Xi Jinping has stated that when it comes to enhancing national cultural identity, Xi Jinping has also requested requirements for the development of Chinese national community awareness education. Xi Jinping first proposed in the 19th National Report for the first time The Chinese Nations Community Consciousness "points out to" fully implement the party’s national policy, deepen the national unity and progressive education, and strengthen the intersection of the Chinese nation, strengthen the integration of all ethnic groups, promote all ethnic groups like pomegranate seeds, together, together Unity struggle and prosperly develop together. "At the national national unity and progress, Xi Jinping further pointed out that realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, it is necessary to take the national community awareness as the main line, and grasp the national unity and progressive career as a fundamental business.

When this year, when he participated in the delegation of Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping emphasized that in-depth development of the Chinese nation’s national community awareness education, especially from adolescent education, guide the masses of cadres to comprehensively understand the party’s national policy and establish correct National view, historical concept, national view, cultural view, religious view, and banner against all kinds of wrong ideas, condense "building a bright inner Mongolia, a total of great Chinese dreams". The road that can’t be forgotten, the road is not allowed to do a good job in learning education.

Taiwan’s "old fishing" fate, different bloody youth

Taiwan’s "old fishing" fate, different bloody youth

  In the "Guarany Parade" team held in Taipei on September 23, many "old fishing" in the 1970s have been standing in the forefront of the team, Lin Xiaoxin (everyone in the alliance of alliances)Wang Xiaobo (the vice chairman of China Unified Alliance), Yu Ming (the new party chairman), etc. The "fishing" of the year is frequently recurred by the media.In 1970, the Japanese warships expels the fishing-fishing Taiwan fishermen in the Diaoyu Islands, and claims that the Diaoyu Islands are Japan.In September, Taiwan’s "Junxin News" ("China Times" dispatched a reporter to hire a boat to mount the Diaoyu Islands to interview, raise the flag, and lettering the sovereignty.Wang Xiaobo, who is studying the graduate student of Taiwan’s Philosophy, is very excited after reading the report, and wrote "China Journal".

The beginning of the article describes the two sentences of "May Fourth Sports": "China’s land can conquer, but can not be shipped; Chinese people can kill, but not to bow." November, there is Wang Xiaobo article "China Magazine" In the hands of Taiwanese students passing to stay, they decided "to act" and established the "Board of Mouth Action" in the United States.

  Lin Xiaoxin, which has "bitter", is seventeen from this year. He recalled the "Global Times" reporter to the situation: January 29, 1971, on the 30th, Taiwan students in the United States successively in the eastern New York, Washington SAR, Chicago in the Midwest, Seattle, San Francisco, 6 cities in Western San Francisco, in 6 cities in Los Angeles for the first time demonstration.

In March, the 500 Chinese scholars in the United States came to Chiang Kai-shek, requiring the Diaoyu Islands. Many of these 500 scholars are international masters, including famous mathematician Chen provinces, and a great role in "fishing".

On April 10, 1971, the second big parade was held in Washington SAR, and thousands of people participated, and the momentum was very.

  Lin Xiaoxin and others founded the "Guaranteed" movement of Taiwan’s "Guaranteed" sports, and Lin Xiaoxin also became a leader of "fishing" sports.

He said, "There is no email at that time, there is no fax, in order to keep in touch, after the" Science Monthly "is published, the" Science Monthly Work Bulletin "is published, and there is a week in a week, forming a intensive and effective international student contact network, everyone With this contact network, it has established mutual trust, so that the "fishing" movement is rapidly developed. "Lin Xiaoxin said," In September 1971, the vaguely opposed fishing members were officially separated after the fierce debate in the conference, called so-called The left and right splits of the fishing, after the fishery, the fishery is divided into three different routes: ‘Zuffin’ people will hide the CPC regime that is going to build diplomatic relations with the United States; "right faction" insists on defending the Nationalist Party; The people who are disappointed with the Kuomintang will focus on the center of focus on Taiwan and form a third route of ‘to fish’ movement. "But there are other pro-party to believe that the" fishing "split of the school students is left. Right three factions: "left faction" agree with socialism, call on the acknowledgment of new China; "right" support the Kuomintang authorities, advocating the innovation preparation; most people belong to the middle school, only care about "fishing", do not want to choose the political standing station, Quit quickly after participating in several demonstrations.

  A group of bloody youth has been divided into different life trajectories.

In September 1971, "Zuo", the fishing student, Li I, and other five people were invited to set foot on the new China, and were accepted by Zhou Enlai Prime Minister.

Out of the protection of this batch of students, the mainland did not publicly report this visit. The 5 people visited the group, and therefore known as "the zero group of fishing", with different disclosure of the first group "," Fishing the second group ". The visit to Zhou Enlai expressed the wishes of returning to China, Zhou Enlai suggested that they "report to the country", because New China will return to the United Nations, urgently need the Chinese and English talents, they can go to the United Nations. Translation work. So, Li I waited for a group of "old fishes" to give up their own major and admitted to the United Nations work. He graduated from the Taiwan University Geology. In 1971, he won the Ph.D. of the University of Brown University, in 1972, he returned to Beijing in 1972, working in the Institute of Mineral Resources, China University of Geological Sciences. From 1978 to 1980, there were nearly 200 experts from Taiwanese scholars to the mainland, and most of them participated in the "fishing" movement. Everyone thinks it is necessary to organize, in order to better adapt to the new environment, and promote the development of cross-strait relations, and promote the unity of the motherland.

On November 3, 1981, Taiwan’s classmates were officially established in Beijing, and Lin Sheng was elected as the first president. On December 9, 2011, Lin Sheng was dying in Beijing because of the illness, and the year was 70 years old. Overseas "fishing" movement stends to unify sports, "fishing" people in the island are weak and weak, and they will turn their attention to democratic movements and social movements.

In 1974, Wang Xiaobo, who has been a lecturer in Taiwan’s Philosophy, was dismissed.

At present, he is a vice chairman of Taiwan’s China Unified Alliance and Professor, Chinese Culture University.

The "right school" is still active in the Taiwanese politics, Yu Ming, Hu Zhiqiang … The biggest is Ma Ying-je. A "fishing" movement also changed the fate of Lin Xiaoxus. At that time, the Department of Physics of Taiwan University graduated, Dr. Chicago was reading because of "fishing" on the blacklist of the authorities, "passport" is confiscated, in the beauty Inti-legacy, I can’t wait to work, I am forced to become a very few "professional revolutionary" of the overseas "professional revolutionary", until Taiwan’s "Yan Yan" is reapplying to apply for a passport, apply for 3 times to approve, 1988 returned to the 21 years Taiwan. The "Guaranteed" is again, Lin Xiaoxin once again stood "Guarany" command car, and facing the people in the face of the people, it is still polite, but he is now facing "Jianzhong, Taiwan University, United States" route. "Elite in the elite", and mostly the grassroots people in Taiwan.

In these years, Lin Xiaoxin worried the most "Guaranteed" has become "Wrath of Yesterday", worried that the fire of "fishing" is unmanned, worried about the idealism and the growing phenomena.

▲ The latest developments:.

Seize Chinese Medicine Revitalization and Develop a Good Time to provide people with better and efficient health services for the people

Seize Chinese Medicine Revitalization and Develop a Good Time to provide people with better and efficient health services for the people

  Beijing May 17th (Reporter Wang Bi Xue) Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Chen, a second plenary meeting of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee TCM Law, attended the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.

He stressed that we must adhere to the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking with Xi Jinping’s new era. The masses provide better and efficient health services.

  Wang Chen pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important instructions for Chinese medicine inheritance, innovation and development.

Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping During the Henan Investigation Period, specialized to the medical treatment of Zhang Zhongjing, the Eastern Han Dynasty, to understand the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and put forward new and clear requirements for further development of Chinese medicine. We must study in depth, resolutely implement, promote high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine and industry, and play a unique advantage in healthy China. Wang Chen emphasized that the implementation of the Chinese Medicine Law has been implemented for more than three years, and the relevant departments of the localities have actively explored practices. The traditional Chinese medicine has achieved active development, but there are some short slab weakness.

In response to the problem, we must effectively enhance the awareness of the rule of law of developing Chinese medicine. Adhere to the effects of Chinese and Western medicine, the scientific summary and assessment of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, pay attention to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicine services, Efficiency and level.

  The meeting study discussed the report of the Chinese Medicine Law Enforcement Inspection. Zhang Chunxian, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Ai Li, is more than the Bahai, Baimarricar, Cai Dafeng attended the meeting, the State Council’s responsible comrades and the members of the law enforcement team have proposed suggestions.

Shaoxing Keqiao: Multi-partiality helps people to re-ignite

Shaoxing Keqiao: Multi-partiality helps people to re-ignite

  On October 17, it was the 8th "National Poverty Reduction Day" in my country. It is also the 29th "International Elimination of Poverty Day."

my country has established "Poverty Alleviation Day", the main purpose is to guide all walks of life to pay attention to poverty, caring for poverty, care for poverty alleviation, and promote the somewhere, mobilizing the society, and cultivate good social fashion. In recent years, Shaoxing City Keqiao District vigorously enhances basic people’s livelihood guarantees, making difficult families applying more convenient through digital form, and guides multi-charitable power, funding multiple public welfare investment projects, and participating in poverty alleviation, and has strongly promoted the universal district Career high quality development.

  "Zhejiang rescue" makes difficult family, do not leave home, complete the application "is really a good thing for us! My leg is inconvenient, now as long as the mobile phone is logged in, fill in the relevant information is fine, we really feel the society Care.

"The villager Xiaojin (pseudonym) in Ji Dong Town is expected. Small gold has lost labor capacity due to limb disability, and the parents in the family have been high, usually only do some manual subsidies.

In recent days, with the help of village cadres, in the "Zhejiang rescue" app in Zhejiang Office, he successfully submitted the low-security family application materials, and it is expected to be completed within 20 working days.

After becoming a low-cost object, the difficulties of Little Golden family will greatly alleviate. The reporter learned that "Zhejiang rescue" is developed by the Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province, and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Keqiao District is implemented. After the special difficulties and low-cost objects complete the approval, the corresponding rescue gold can be obtained per month. In addition, we can also get a number of rescue of the Spring Festival condolences, hydropower coal subsidies, medical assistance. Up to now, there are more than 4,000 difficult families in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Keqiao District. The total amount of rescue funds this year totaled more than 39.7 million yuan. "Charity Keqiao" leads multi-party power poverty alleviation help "thanks to the community and charity always pay attention to our attention, the heart is very warm, but there is difficult, but we are not alone." Recently, Anchang Street The family is Xiaoyu (pseudonym) to the District Charity Association.

It turned out that Xiaoyu family was seriously burned by gas explosion, and it could not pay for medical expenses. The Charity Fair learned from "water droplets" to the family’s difficulties. The verification situation is true, Xiaoyu family immediately received a 10,000 yuan rescue gold, alleviated Emergency urgent.

  In recent years, the leading role of the leading tissue organization of the leader of the Charity Federation of the Charity Federation in Keqiao District, together with the three-level charity platform combined with vertical and horizontal exchanges, mobilize the enthusiasm of textile city enterprises, cloth merchants, and citizens. While activating charity, "Sunshine Charity" is activated and guided participation in poverty alleviation. It is understood that, at present, the 53 large charitable funds of the Keqiao District Charity Federation covers 16 town streets, including 5 funds of 1,000 million yuan (excluding) funds, 3 funds of 30 million yuan, and above. Contents involve help medicine help, assist and help, help the old disabled, poverty alleviation and other areas. It is worth mentioning that aiming for the poor return of poor and poor, the Charity Federation of Keqiao District is also established by 30 million yuan, "Leisure, Disease Care", and more than 10 emergency rescue funds. For the outside of the staff, 20,000 yuan of "kiss baby" charity funds, such as "kiss baby" charity funds, etc., for some difficult families, and transfer the government and social care.

  According to statistics, this year, Keqiao District Charity General will provide 10,000 yuan to the difficult family of Keqiao District, benefiting 55,656 people, struggling to protect the families of difficulties in difficulties, learn from the school, learn, disease, old people , Living, weakly helping. The full support of the public welfare venture project "After a period of psychological guidance, I found that there are so many uncle aunt who cares about me, I feel a lot of mood." Some time, junior high school students Ying Ying (pseudonym) Due to many factors such as families It suffers from depression, and the spirit will collapse. The public welfare venture project founded by the Juexin Public Welfare Service Association of Huashe Street, Keqiao District – Difficult Children and their family mental health assistance, after understanding the situation of Yingying, invited her to come to the studio for psychological counseling. "We feel that helping the dilemma should be careful from the body and mind, through mental analysis cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and other measures to alleviate the child’s psychological pressure.

"The person in charge of the Association told reporters that Keqiao District began selection and funding public welfare venture capital projects in 2017, providing projects, of which a single project is up to 100,000 yuan. As of now, more than 200 projects have been funded. It has helped the old, help service, etc., have helped more than 2,000 difficult families to solve the various difficulties, participate in volunteers and volunteers more than 60,000. Among them, Keqiao District, the "love in the trunk" participatory Project, with minor orphans and poor students as the help object, through the financing, the mother is accompanying, helping to grow healthily.

Keqiao District Anti-Cancer Association is the honorable care – the difficult patient helps the project, through the pair of patients with dilemma, helping the patients get out of the dilemma and defeat the disease. Many public welfare venture projects have careful, help, help, help, training, employment, and social integration for disabled people; to carry out life care and soul, and make difficult families feel bright, re-re- Ignite the hope of life. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Shanghai 80-year-old man draws 3 meters long "old street style map" retention memory

Shanghai 80-year-old man draws 3 meters long "old street style map" retention memory

Gu Village conducts the "Chengzhong Village" transformation of the old group, and the eight-year-old man draws 3 meters long "old street style" reserved memory into the paintings of the new highlights, the newspaper reporter Wu Yuege, the old town "City, the city" transformation project is in full swing In progress, there is a resettlement of Holongwan New Court, and many old residents will move into a new home in the future. The first thing between the 88-year-old Liu Zhenlu moved the first thing, and put his own paintings for many years. He was born in Weifang, Shandong, came to Shanghai from the troops in 1958, and then working in Gu Village, Anjia, became the "Shandong Women" in your mouth.

"Shandong son-in-law" love painting, painted, and neighbors know.

And his most famous painting is a "Gu Village, the old street, the river style map" that can evoke the people’s feelings. Painting for 6 months every 4 hours a day, Liu Zhenlu, the reporter saw this ink long scroll. Long scrolling in 2016, more than 3 meters long, nearly 1 meter wide, and you can put the small half of the living room after booting. It’s hard to imagine that this is the 83-year-old Liu Zhulu spent 4 hours a day, and it took 6 months before and after a total of 6 months. Watching this long roll, it seems to walk into a time tunnel and saw the old street of Gu Village at that time. The center position of the painting is the Dongyao River Bridge on the River. There is a hawker who picks up a pair of palats in the bridge. After the bridge, the north is the most lively crossroads of Gu Village old street. In the west, it is a gossip, people here, people here, push the cup to change the pavilion; the restaurant is a bamboo store that will use the bamboo store that they will use at the time of the household, one is a cup of tea. The book on the last paragraph. On the east, the biggest shop is the Baoshan Gu Village Supply and Market, from the tobacco and alcohol to the daily necessities, there are two small shops next to it, one is a shoe store, a photo studio . Liu Zhenlu’s big daughter told reporters that although they couldn’t live in the old street before the movement, the father worked in Gu Village and was very familiar with the old street, and it was full of feelings.

"When he moved the idea of ??this painting, three days and two heads were running towards the old street. I didn’t have a camera. I have a bicycle to see what the store is in what the store is remembered. I will draw a little bit.

"Several historical buildings have been worth mentioning that" Gu Village Old Street, Zhu River style, "not only recorded the daily live scene of Gu Village, but also depicts the appearance of several historical buildings on both sides of the Weihe River. Located 44 Old Street is Gu Village Rolling Factory, founded in 1951.

In 1952, the cotton is returned to the supply and marketing agency, and there are 5 cotton processing (rolling flowers) plants in Luo Shi, Yuepu, Yang Xing, Liu Xing, Gu Village and other places. In 1958, it is a 2 rolling of Moon, Gu Village. Florist.

Since the 1980s, the Baoshan cotton field area has been greatly reduced year by year, and the two factory processing tasks are insufficient, and it is still in some facilities.

Due to the fact that Baoshan and Gu Village have a certain value in the modern business building, a two-story office building reserved in the factory is also established as a cultural relic protection point in Baoshan District in 2017.

Take another 2 minutes to the east and arrive at the old site of the Qianfeng Weaving Factory.

The plant was founded in 1938, originally located in the urban area, moved to Gu Village in 1943. In the 1960s, I changed the Shanghai color weaving twelve factories. During the 1980s to 1999, I was a new color-woven factory in Shanghai, and 2002 was merged to Shanghai Daxin Dye Trend Factory.

Because the overall building of the factory is completely complete, there is a certain value of the modern industrial building in Baoshan and Gu Village, and is also established in 2017.

There is a 2nd floor of a brick in the south shore of the south of the south. The home was built in 1928, sitting in the north facing south, outer wall brush with pink lime paint, door, window frame, external line window, stairs, hexagonal algae, etc., the original building style, etc. Western-style household buildings also have a certain value. The old architecture will rejuvenate the new activity with the process of the old street transformation, and the pictures present in the painting are now only present in people’s memories.

However, the reporter learned from the village renovation project of Village, "Old Town" City, the company, and several Wensuen buildings in Liu Lao’s painting. At present, the preliminary design has been formed, and the newspaper security department has been approved.

In the future, the old buildings will rejuvenate new vitality and become a new highlights of the entire block of public spaces. According to the design plan, the river coast will create a strip-shaped visual league parallel to the waterfront, and the protection building that is originally scattered in the base is connected in series into a complete organic whole.

In the future, the base protection building and the south side of the base, the west of the old street, retaining the building constitutes a complete street area, and the most valuable historical building in the region, the industrial site is slowly opened, and the historical memory and history of the project. Style.

The relevant person in charge said that for the renovation plan of the Wensu Building, the project team is cautious, the first draft will change the seven eight times, I hope to grasp the historical trajectory, inherit the original look of the old building and give it new vitality. In response to a 2-story building in Gu Village Rolling Factory, the team has been inspired by the Italian architect Master Carlo Scapa to protect the attitude and processing method of the protection building. It is proposed that it is necessary to restore its original appearance of the red brick. On the basis, integrate modern materials and elements into the wall. Since the old building exterior wall tiles are partially damaged, the team envisaged with these breakage, replacing it with nightly illuminable transparent bricks.

After reorganizing, these gravity transparent bricks will be intertwined with brickworks, producing a slightly subtle light and shadow change in the evening, increasing the sense of atmosphere at night. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.