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Filial piety! Open the nest of Siki culture

Modern Express News (correspondent Zhao Fengjie Wang Fei) The years of Shajin is the hardships of Qian Tian Wan, Yancheng Dongtai Xixi Tourism Culture Scenic Area is no exception. This is more than 1,000 years old more than 1,000 years old, not only contains the compound, superimposed in Chinese traditional outstanding culture, such as Xiaoxian culture, Haiyan culture, Buddhist culture, and love culture, and in order to make it culture, fire, in recent years, it can be described as It is a frequency of action. On late September 20, the "Millennium Storm, Drunk Beauty", held in the scenic spot, China Chen Pei, filial piety culture festival is a "loud" evidence. Modern Express reporters conducted track of them. "Mom, this sugar gourd is really delicious, you also taste one!" In the Xixi Scenic Area, there is a street street, a little girl holds a string of sugar hoist to send my mother, my mother bites, my face is laughing. flower. "Our family is playing from Wuxi Huishan. The first time I come to Xixi, I feel more, delicious." The girl’s mother Zhang told reporters that the girl is a child, what is good? Eat, you will think about sharing with your family. A restaurant in Dongtai City When the chef’s Huang Mr. Huang is also taking a holiday with a lover to come to the street street, "As the Dongtai people, I am going to bring a few bottles of dried wine to the festive." Modern Express reporter To, 128 flavor snacks in the grass city street brings together the Chinese famous snacks, intangible cultural heritage, geographic logo products, China’s old name, China’s well-known trademark and CCTV Satellite TV recommendation and other numerous snack categories, driving nearly 200 people. Here, visitors can not only feel China on the tip of the tongue, but also taste the authentic Dongtai fish soup, tangerine and other East Taiwan wind. Dongtai Xixi is the birthplace of "Dong Yong Legend" in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. According to historical records, Dong Yong, the Western Han Dynasty was born in Dongjiazhe in Xixi Town. He is not only selling the big filial sons of the funeral, but also the love story of the seven fairy.

Last year, Hanchai Street in Dongyong Seven Fairy Culture Park was officially opened, and the popularity continued to be hot.

The reporter stepped into the cultural park, as if the Han Dynasty was returned to the Han Dynasty, not only the store is an antique, and the clerk is also wearing a fluttering 上海老闵行油压店推荐 Hanfu, which is welcoming. In many tourists, the two of the two sisters wearing Hanfu are very bright. They travel in the streets of Hanchai, running on the trendy road, feeding the pigeons on the lawn, and the cultural garden.

"The two children like traditional culture, like to wear Hanfu." The mother of the brothers and the mother said that the modern Express reporter, I have long heard that the East Taiwan Xixi culture is profound, Yan Shu, Lu Yi Ji, Fan Zhongyan Song Dynasty three phases have been Salt official, "I took the children to turn into the Mid-Autumn Festival, and they also greeted the knowledge and learned the knowledge." According to Dong Yong Legend, Xixi Scenic Area also created a large scale. The fantasy real scene show "Tianxianyuan", since the performance in August 上海水磨私人工作室 last year, there have been more than 110 games, the audience is 10,000, the upper level rate is reached.

During the National Day, Xixi will launch the "find immortal" immersive night tour project, through the fusion of digital light and shadow and night tour, form a different style, Xian fantasy landscape show, let the public, tourists are immersed, feel the momentum of Xixi Fragrant, aesthetic unique charm. When the night is coming, the branches of the moon, the Xixi Scenic Area is also colorful, do not have a flavor. In Xiuxi Ancient City Square, China Chen Pei Filial piety culture festival is being held, more than a thousand citizens gathered to Xixi, drinking Chen Pei Jia, a Mid-Autumn Festival.

Opening the dance show "Millennium Wind Fairy Xi Xi" opened the prelude to the whole 上海按摩论坛交流 event.

With high drums, the grand tipping ceremony is started.

Wang Xiaofeng, the Standing Committee of the Dongtai Municipal Party Committee, Wang Xiaofeng, Director of the Dongtai City Wenke Secretary, Dongtai City, Xixi Tourism Culture Scenic Area Party Crafts Committee Zhang Wiqiang, China Fan Zhongyan Research Association, Director Fan Yongfei, uncovering the wine of dried dried wine The seal is announcing "an altar." At this time, the air is filled with dried white peel, the thick history of Xixi millennium is also in the moon, and it is blended in this thin wine … Why do you want to hold a "open altan" ceremony? Modern Express reporter learned that Dongtai Chen’s peel wine has a long history, and it is said that the Song Dynasty is in the first year of Song Dynasty. When Fan Zhong flooded in Xixi, the mother of Salt Cang, the mother and weak mother, seeking medical treatment: use glutinous rice with Chinese medicine to make a medicinal drink .

Fanmu’s drinking consequences see the effect, so the dried wine is also called "filial piety wine".

In 2009, the tangerine brewing skills were listed as "Jiangsu Intangible Cultural Heritage" Protection List. "Chenpi is the cultural representative of Xixi, and it is also our spiritual pin.

I hope everyone can reunite with their parents, and do not have to share the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"In the subsequent elders to see the parents, the audience under the stage has ended the elders from the tangerine.

Yu Xiaoping, who worked in Dongtai City People’s Hospital, looked at the spirit of parents, and laughed on his face. She stood up and served a few times of dried wine. "Hundreds of good filial piety is the first, my parents are 70 years old, and there are about 60 people in the big family. Everyone loves to love, respect the old and love the young, and he is happy. "In the happy atmosphere of the laughter, the dance" embroidery ", the book is reading Fan Zhong flooded" home training hundred words ", collective sacrifice ceremony, etc. Pending, winning the audience’s applause. This year, Pan Xingyu, is one of the reciters who participated in the book student. He is tall, wearing Hanfu, as if an ancient script.

Pan Xingyu learned from the Dai Zhongyan ‘s deeds very early, and often read his ancient poems. I have more understanding to honor my parents, love your brother, and strive to make yourself a useful person to society. "" Fan Wenzheng is like a public table, the body is in power, truly divided into slim, Qi Jia, governing the country, the country, the combination of four. "

In order to honor your mother, he asked for a good medicine, tangerine, for the people of the world, and he took the praise of the people accompanying the people.

"Fan Yongfei has detailed the family training of Fan Zhongyan family, and there is also a filial piety of the mother.

"Xiao Wenhua is an important part of spiritual civilization. It has played a medium-sized pillar role for the village of Dongtai Xixi. History of development, telling the "first-worn and post-feminism" of a generation of sages, the people who are still in the Xixi, and the Chinese filial piety culture is also inheriting in this happiness in Xixi. From the injection of happiness, the "flower" expression of traditional festivals, now, Xixi Scenic Area has become a happy town with a famous distant broadcast. Modern Express reporter learned that in recent years, Xixi Scenic Area has organized "Xixi Music Festival" by creating "Eastern Valentine’s Day, Dongtai Qixi Festival", organizing 2021 yuan to opera party, launching "Zhengyun Fairy Watch Light, March Fairy Flower, Tanabata The festivals such as the full year of the immortal, "Tianxianyuan" brand in the inheritance and innovation, so that the tourists from all over the world will be returned.

"Xixi’s filial piety culture has been long.

In addition to the origin of Chenpi and Fan Zhongyan, Xiuxi’s Hunchun Xuan Tower is the Tang Dynasty, who is the mother’s wish to complete the mother’s wish, and is also a reflection of filial piety. It has become a famous big filial son.

Zhang Wanyuan, secretary of the Party Crafts Committee of the Xixi Tourism Culture and Scenic Area, Dongtai City, said that Xixi will firmly cultivate and self-confidence, with the veins, to promote the brigade, and integrate the filial piety culture and love culture, sea salt culture, and create a unique Xixi characteristics. Happy culture, further enhance the tourist experience, promote the high quality development of scenic spots. Relevant recommendations.

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