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A promise

Original title: A promise a life-saving map for the Pai Mei’s auscation at home.

Our reporter Gong Shijian took the core reading in 1968, 24-year-old way to send a plucking from allocation, from Beijing to Jiaxian County, Shaanxi, became a pediatrician from the local staff.

In the face of hard living conditions, the roads of the road are the low-behind medical level. She has a simple promise: "The people here need me, I belong to the Northern Shaanxi Plateau.

"For more than 50 years, Lu Shengmei has adhered to the belief, and the people who are benevolent to protect the people, let the people have spend money to cure the disease, practice their own promise." Find the road doctor to see the disease and rest assured, A prescription is to be optimistic about ten packs. "Gao Junyi, Gaojiawan, Linxianwan, Shanxi, Yellow River, with Xiaomos, Shaanxi Jia County," I have been looking for a doctor to see the road doctor when I was young, we believe in her. "The road doctor in Gao Junyi, is the former deputy dean of the Jia County People’s Hospital of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, Director of the Pediatric Director, Luishengmei. It is like this to go to the hospital to find her to see a doctor.

She always serious about his illness, try to open cheap workable prescription.

After graduating from the University of Lusheng Mei Jia County has taken root 53 years, her doctor benevolence guard 上海浦东哪儿有街边女 the health of the people, practicing with his promise. "The people here need me, I belong to the plateau in northern Shaanxi," a hole cave, is the way raw plum home. Although the room furnishings simple, but neat and clean, black and white photographs on the wall will have us back to the hard times. January 1944, Lu-Sheng Mei was born in Beijing in 1963, he was admitted to the predecessor of Beijing Second Medical College, Capital Medical University.

"Subject to distribution to the most difficult place to go.

"In 1968, 24-year-old Lu-Sheng Mei Jia County after graduation, assigned to the People’s Hospital, became the first local pediatrician by training. JIAXIAN located in the hinterland of the Loess Plateau, difficult conditions. Recalled the scene that year, Lu-sheng Mei said: "the 上海浦东新区按摩 county hospital is two rows of broken cave, drink the water of the Yellow River, but only to a spoonful per person per day. Sleep is Tukang have to live lice bites.

"Life’s tough compared to raw plum make way more worried that the lack of medical knowledge to local people JIAXIAN work soon, she visits rescue a woman giving birth, when she hurried, was in front of stunned – – an old woman is ready to cut the umbilical cord with a pair of household scissors Lusheng Mei quickly grabbed the scissors, while disinfecting he explains: If not clean scissors to cut the umbilical cord, cord blood will follow the tetanus bacteria enter the body of a child. endanger the lives of newborns.

In order to prevent the patient down, she lose all the time and the opportunity to learn a variety of medical knowledge. During 上海干磨推荐 the day Zuozhen, visits, reading lamp at night, take notes, become the norm of her life.

In this way, the "quasi-specialist" life and became a general practitioner. "The people here need me, I belong to the plateau in northern Shaanxi." Lusheng Mei was determined to change the local medical condition behind. 50 years, Lu-Sheng Mei After various tests, whether it be good times or bad, she has been true to his beliefs.

"It must make people less money to cure disease," "must make people less money to cure disease.

"In 1984, Mei Lu-sheng, women and children of any director, founder of pediatrics, she gave Corey set the rules," poor people with their kindness poverty, to help their benevolence. "To improve the quality of care, Lu-Sheng Mei run around, four fund-raising, so that all departments in batches to Xi’an Children’s Hospital nurse training.

JIAXIAN the whole region was the poorest county in Yulin, JIAXIAN hospitals across the region is the most backward conditions of the county hospital, but the hospital pediatrics JIAXIAN groups and individuals have made the first good results in a small venipuncture whole region. "Can not guarding patient hospitals, farmers looking to go into the patient.

"A stormy morning, Lu-Sheng Mei brought from Beijing wearing cotton-padded plastic bottom, a dozen kilometers from the county to village banks Cui visits. Covered with thick snow on the rugged mountain road, every few steps away you’ll slip and fell. nearly two hours, she fell over 40 wrestle sometimes encounter big downhill, simply lie on the snow sliding down.

When she appeared in a muddy patient’s home, the family portrait as seen crying savior. Due to the serious condition of patients, Lu-Sheng Mei leaving treatment for several days, until the patient better, to be ready to leave, attentive hostess to send her a pair of shoes Melaleuca cloth.

Lusheng Mei moment due to moving lap dog eat dog. After years of development, Jia County People’s Hospital, has now become secondary level hospitals have certain medical standards. "We still adhere to the road less money cure serious illness director, at no cost principle can cure.

"The current hospital pediatric primary Renwu Yan said.

"Health as a spark, how much how much energy is released," "Road to the doctor!" Recently, the reporter to follow the road into the raw Mei Jia County Jialu town nursing home, she is an old acquaintance here, come here to the clinic on a regular basis, every familiar here a physical condition of the elderly.

"Cerebral infarction hospitalized yet? Normal blood pressure high?" Auscultation, blood pressure, Lu-Sheng Mei told eleven. "Action a little slower, a day to exercise." Nursing home in the yard, she teaches older people how to use exercise equipment. 1999 Lusheng Mei retirement, in addition to a week to the hospital clinic, usually come home to consult a doctor a lot of people, just be patient, Lu-Sheng Mei immediately put the matter at hand, serious treatment. For over 50 years, in addition to go out training, returned to Beijing to visit relatives, she almost never left JIAXIAN. "When I returned to Beijing to visit relatives, or the phone has been ringing, all patient calls, Shashi Hou asked me to go back.

"Lusheng Mei said. Fifty-three load has passed, but the road is still raw plum" extended active duty. "It was a rough estimate, only 20 years after retirement, Lu-Sheng Mei patient clinic of over 100,000 people.

In addition, the Lu-Sheng Mei elderly volunteers also set up a team to drive around more older people to do public service, contributing to society. "I was touched by the way the doctor deeds, only joined the volunteer team." Volunteers Liai Feng said.

After the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the 76-year-old Lu-sheng Mei active Qingzhan rush to the rescue to fight pneumonia epidemic crown new line, and submitted a 10,000 yuan special Party membership dues. "This year I’m going to learn Chinese Medicine Hospital pediatric massage technique, then do a study class, the pediatric massage to promote clinical hospital." Lusheng Mei said, "Health as a spark, how much how much energy is released." "People’s Daily" ( March 1, 2021 13th Edition) (Editor: Swiss left, Deng Nan).

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