The great spirit of the party is always the precious spiritual wealth of the party and the country.

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The great spirit of the party is always the precious spiritual wealth of the party and the country.

From February 3 to 5, 2021, General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the National Communist Party, Xi Jinping, President of the Central Military Commission, came to Guizhou to investigate and visually visually condolence to the people of all nationality, and wishes the people of all nationalities to the whole country. New Year blessings.This is the 5th morning, Xi Jinping cordially met with the "China Heaven" project leader and scientific research backbone, listening to the "China’s Day Eye" construction history, technological innovation, international cooperation, etc.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Hui / photo twenty-nine in the wave of magnificent anti-US aid chartered warThe spirit of the revolutionary heroism of life, but also the difficulty of hardship, always maintain the spirit of the revolutionary and optimism of high arrogance, to complete the mission given by the motherland and the people, generously dedicate their own revolutionary loyalty spirit, for human peace and justiceThe spirit of the internationalism, forged the spirit of the great anti-American assistance.

The great anti-American reappearance is spanning time and space, and it will last forever. (Speech on October 23, 2020, in commemorating the Chinese People’s Volunteer Anti-US Aid Chao, the 70th Anniversary Conference of the Operation of the Fighting Battle, Thirty-stronged labor model spirit, labor spirit, and craftsman.

"Not inert, the teacher of the people."

"In long-term practice, we have cultivated a self-dedication, striving for first-class, hard struggle, courage to innovate, indifferent, is willing to dedicate, advocating labor, love labor, hard work, honest labor, and persistent interest , Excellence, meticulous, pursue excellence of craftsmen.

The spirit of labor, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmen are the vividness of the national spirit of patriotism as the core and the vividness of the spirit of reform and innovation as the core. It is a powerful spiritual power of all national people in the whole party and the braveness. (Speech at the National Labor Model and Advanced Worker Recognition in November 24, 2020) Thirty-one "Life World, Long Road.

"No Party in the world, like this, has encountered so many difficulties, experienced so many life and death tests, paying more tragic sacrifice. For a hundred years, in response to various difficult challenges, our party tempered Fence of strong enemy, not afraid of risk, dare to fight, be brave enough to win the spare and quality. This is the most distinctive characteristics of our party. In the extraordinary struggle of 100 years, the generation of China’s Communist Party is hard to fight. Strive, a large number of revolutionary martyrs who are decentralized, a large number of tenacious heroes, a large number of advanced models for forgetting me to dedication, forming Jinggangshan spirit, long march spirit, Zunyi Conference, Yan’an Spirit, Xibo Po, Red Rock Spirit The spirit of anti-American aid, "two bomb, one star" spirit, SAR spirit, anti-flood spirit, seismic disaster relief spirit, anti-vlorative spirit, etc.

The reason why our party has been in a hundred years, and it is difficult to have a strong spirit of hardships, and it is a strong spirit that is desperately interested in a revolution. These valuable spiritual wealth has across time and space, long-lasting, concentrated on the party’s firm belief, fundamental purpose, excellent style, condense the great character of the Chinese Communists to struggle, sacrifice dedication, and pioneering into our party, country, Among the blood of the nation, the people’s blood, providing us with a strong nourishment. (Speech on February 20, 2021 at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference) The successful success of the 32th 嫦娥 No. 5 mission, marking the "winding, falling, returning" three steps, success, Playing another major achievements in the new national system advantage to attack the hard work is an important milestone in the construction journey of the aerospace, and is very important for my country’s aerospace development. In the past year, all staff participating in the development and construction of the exploration project vigorously promoted the chasing dream, bravely explored, collaborates, and cooperated with a win-win, and continued to climb new scientific and technological peaks, gratifying, gratifying. Exploring the vast universe is a common dream of mankind, and we must promote the implementation of the fourth phase of the exploration project, one step, one step, one footprints open the new journey of the interstellar detection. To continue to play the new national strength, increase the strength of the main innovation, plan planning, and make persistent efforts to promote China’s space science, space technology, space application innovation and development, and actively carry out new and greater contributions to enhancing human well-being.

(On February 22, 2021, at the meeting of the probe of the moon, the number of martial arts participants represents and visited the moon sample and the results of the moon sample and the results of the outcome of the exhibition. The 33th great cause was gave birth to the great spirit. The great spirit leads the great cause. . Deversion of the impact of the great struggle, the forging has formed "up and down concentric, perceived, accurate pragmatic, pioneering and innovation, attacking hard, not negative people".

It is the nature of the Chinese Communist Party. The quality of the Chinese people’s will, the vivid portrayal of the Chinese national spirit is a centralized reflection of patriotism, collectivism, and socialist thinking. It is the spirit of Chinese spirit, China value, and China. Continued inheritance of the spirit of the great nation and the spirit of the times.

The whole society must vigorously promote the spirit of poverty, unite, heroically struggle, and resolutely defend all difficulties and risks on the road to the road, and constantly capture and develop new and developed new socialism with Chinese characteristics! (Speech on February 25, 2021 at the National Defiovement Summary Commendation Conference) Thirty-fourth Party’s great spirit and glorious tradition is our precious spiritual wealth, which is a powerful spiritual power that encourages us to move forward. Today China is in realizing the key period of the Chinese nation, the country is strong, and the national rejuvenation requires the accumulation of material civilization. It is more necessary to sublimate the spiritual civilization. Never lose the spirit of the revolution, I can’t lose the modest and arrogance, guard against arrogance, Traditions of hard work, diligence and saving, can never lose their strong enemy, not afraid, dare to fight, dare to win the courage.

Comrade All Party should use the great spirit of the party to hit themselves in a hundred years of struggle, motivate themselves, and do their best in the party and state in high spirits. (Speech at the 19th Central Political Bureau of the Thirty-first time, June 25, 2021) Thirty-five "July Medal", which is commended today, is the outstanding representative of party members of each front.

In they, vividly reflect the noble quality and lofty spirit of the Chinese Communists firmly believe, practice tenets, hard work, and honest and innocent. – A firm belief is to insist on not forgetting, do not move the ideals, with an ideal belief in confrontation, with the boldness of the party and the people, keep the loyalty and love of the party and the people in mind, implement it in action, Dedicated to the party and the people’s career and even valuable life, struggling to struggle for the party’s ideals and beliefs.

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