The film exhibition "Meet the Spring" Epidemic Photography Exhibition

4月 17, 2022 夜网

The film exhibition "Meet the Spring" Epidemic Photography Exhibition

  The spring blossoms, meets spring. From the China Literary Arts Association, the CPC Hubei Provincial Party Propaganda Department, China Photographers Association, China Literature Art Foundation, Hubei Provincial Literature Arts Association, Hubei Photographers Association, Hubei Painting News, Wuhan Exhibition Show Co.

  At the beginning of 2020, the new coronary virus raided Wuhan, the epidemic situation came, Wuhan and Hubei opened a national anti-vulfretous battle. Under the Bible Leadership of the Party Central Committee, there are people of the whole country to help. Hubei people have experienced a historical exam for hard and thrilling and achieved comprehensive victory. In this rare epidemic, Hubei’s literary and artists and literary workers have not absent.

For 76 days and night, they always have the same city, with the people, insist on the way in the way, and do their best for the people. During this period, Hubei Province, the province’s total organizational creation, more than 10,000 cultural activities, organized to carry out hundreds of anti-vlorative theme cultures, and more than 60,000 people and art workers participated directly, especially with the China Takeocation to organize Hubei photography. The family participated in the most beautiful instant activities to assist the HI medical workers, took more than 20,000 medical workers, created thousands of art works, producing better social repercussions, to win the epidemic prevention and control of the people’s war, overall The battle, the blocking war contributed the power of the text, literature and artistic. The work of "meeting the spring" anti-optics exhibition is an important part of it. More than 200 photos, for us, the story of a scene of the "fighter" that happened in Hubei and Wuhan, a silent picture, fixed, and warmd our mind. Hubei photographers and photographers wrote a team of "epidemic" groups in the lens language, and portrait the hero group of the same boat. From the hospital to the community, from the medical worker to volunteers, from the closed management to the recovery resurgence re-study, from the severe winter cold to the spring blossom, one scene, countless details to restore a non-abrasive China "fighter" memory.

  The exhibition specially selected for 2021 to returning to Wuhan, the picture of Hubei, and expresses Hubei Wuhan thanksgiving. The exhibition is exhibited in Hanjie, indicating that Hubei and Wuhan’s aids in the people of the country have already gone out of the epidemic, and they have gone. In 2021, Wuhan once again ushered in the spring flowers, and the national assistants all over the country also met Wuhan, and the most beautiful smile was blocked under the sakura tree in Wu Da.

Please remember the little smile, the warmth, this is the spring of Wuhan.

Spring blossoms, we meet.

  Li Wei, Chairman of China Photographers Association, Liu Yu, China Telegraph Photography Art Center, China Telegraph, Deputy Chief Editor-in-chief of China Photographic Newspaper Director Ji Chunhong, Hunan Xiangya Second Hospital Aisher Xu Can, Fujian Provincial Department of Hospitals, Xu Jian, etc., represents China Take the China Take Hubei to fight the epidemic photography small packets and the assistants to attend and participate in the opening ceremony. Hui, Vice-Chair, Hubei Province, Chairman, Chairman, Hubei Photographers, delivered speeches, revisit the Huban’s speech, LI Wei, Chairman of the Medium Photography Association, the secretary of the Hubei Provincial Wenmpia Party Group, Deng Changqing, the executive Vice-Chair, announced the opening of the exhibition, opening ceremony by Hubei Province The photographer’s resident headquarters hosted, and this exhibition will last until April 25. Deng Changqing, secretary of the Provincial Wenlian Party Group, introduced the "Chairman of Li Wei, China Photographer Association, introduced" meeting the spring "photography exhibition work. The author of Liu Honghua ‘s participation to Li Wei, the leaders of the Provincial Wenlian, explained his work.

The President of Li Wei and the author of Zhou Ruoqiang.

Liu Honghua, the original director of the China Wenlian Photography Art Center, Liu Yu, and his work, Mei Tao, the annual 医 医 代 医 医 医 代 代 代 代 医 张 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 代 张 张 张 张 张 张 张 张In his own photo, Wuhan photographer took a photo in the foot of the film.

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