The worse the color of the leaves, the better? This prompts you want to know

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The worse the color of the leaves, the better? This prompts you want to know

Original title: The more colorful, the better? This prompts you want to know, there are people, Henan Daily, the reporter Kong Xue, the Dragon Boat Festival, as a traditional dollar food, is deeply loved by consumers. Henan Consumer Association reminds everyone, do not forget "safety" when purchasing, distinguishing, cooking and eating scorpion.

  Optional: Pay attention to whether the label information is complete; discrimination: normal 粽 leaf color will be yellow, cooking: cook and cook the entrance; edible: Eat: Matching vegetables is more digestive. When purchasing a bulk fresh scorpion, choose the product closer to the factory, but also use the nose to smell the scorpion or other odor; buy the packaged quick-frozen scorpion or vacuum packaging scorpion (normal temperature scorpion), pay attention to check whether the scorpion is According to the storage conditions indicated on the product package, it is necessary to check if the outer packaging is complete or the vacuum packaging is slippery, and the scorpion is easy to puncture the soft packaging material. If it is damaged, it is easy to cause bacterial invasion to cause a spray.

Do not override the color of the leaves when you purchase, and the normal rolls have been cooked in the production process, and the color will be dark. (Editor: Huang Sha, Sepi).

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