To Yunjin: "phenomenon" effect of theme creation

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To Yunjin: "phenomenon" effect of theme creation

  Author: China Art Newspaper Socialist President Yunjin Theme Literary Creation as a Times Rail Scorpio, representing the achievements of a era, also indicates the situation of literary development. In contemporary literary creations, theme cultural creation has achieved important achievements and showing strong development momentum and distinctive features.

Especially in the past two years, theme literate creation presents new weather and changes, and even generates "phenomenon" propagation effect. Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fast War, Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the 95th Anniversary of the Party and the Red Army, realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, "a belt all the way" is the topic of China’s extremely charm, Around these themes, literary creation has left a distinctive era. Theme Creation Today’s theme Relics Creation is a literary power of promotion of main melody, spreading positive energy, is a new phenomenon with the quality of inclusive cultural diversity.

In this regard, exploration and innovation in recent years have been made.

For major themes, all kinds of theme literary creation practice demonstrate the stringency of creation, seriousness: Chinese civilized historical theme art creation projects invites historians to participate in the historians from all aspects of design, many dance drama creations Based on the decades of experience in the same theme, the TV series is constantly incorporating new era idears and intensity, causing a wide range of social resonance.

  On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Resistance War and World Anti-Fascis War, "Victory and Peace" literary evening reappears the epic history of the Oriental Battlefield with music dance epic, TV documentary "Oriental Battlefield", TV series "Changsha Defense War "" Northeast Anti-Japanese Counsel "" Taihang Mountain "" Twenty-four "" Oriental Battlefield ", movie" The Song "of the Smoky", "Hundred Regiments", "Mother", etc. In-depth excavation of fresh historical materials Sex history and typical characters show people’s gas festivals and spirit, break through historical limitations and new excavation and expansion, profoundly showing the historical status and outstanding contribution of China as the World’s anti-fascist war.

  Commemorating the 95th Anniversary of the Party and the 80th anniversary of the 80th anniversary of the Red Army, is another important topic. The movie "Zhou Enlai’s four stay" "Huang Keng case", the TV series "Dangdou" "Deng Xiaoping" of the historical transition "" three eight lines "" Peng Dehuai Yuan Shuai "" Haishu is still "" Malan ", drama" Spring Commitment " The opera "红", "Long March", Beijing Opera "Xi’an Incident", "Belief Eternal", etc. Known stories, or echo the spirit of the rule of law, or reshape the spiritual belief, so that the constant theme has been a new idea of ??artistic innovation and era. The TV series "Mattan", "The Mingfan World" The whole family of "" Nine Panel "and" China Dream "theme new song 80, Chinese civilized historical theme art creation project, etc. From different levels, the" Chinese Dream "is explained in different art style. The major theme. The theme of "One Belt" Theme Literary Creation is also a new highlight in the past two years, showing high starting point and high level.

The dance drama "Silk Princess" is based on historical records and Western murals as material, excavating the history of silk West, integrating Tang poetry, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Tang Dance, Tang Le’s artwork and style, and push the accumulation of contemporary Tang Le dance poems To the new high; the movie and Henan opera of Xuanzang are directly restored to the shocking achievements of Xuanzang ‘s badges in India and the feelings of the motherland, so that the image of Xuanzang presents a new look in literary works; TV documentary "Hexi Corridor" The historical materials are rich, telling the historical stories of the Silk Road and the strategic significance of Silk Road. "A band all the way" has a lot of literary creation, generous, and makes up for the short board in the long-term existence of contemporary literary creation, and also enhanced "all the way" to be rich and vivid. Subjective literary creation, some are the high-quality talents of all parties in the relevant parties of the state, and some are the natural or civilian institutional creations, which indicate the theme. Literary creation has the openness and large art innovation space of theme, so it can attract various aspects of literary creative talent.

  The theme creation of the connotation Digging deeper themework literary creation is the literary and artistic trochings of the times. It must not only make aesthetic aesthetics in the times, the times, the times, the era transformation, but also to showcase the character as the era, the forerunner, advocate Thought sharp and spirit pointing.

It is tight in the era, with a major era theme as the theme of literary creation, with the main melody of the era, served as the real mission of literature as the Times, National Spirit Torch. Therefore, theme characteristic creation has a distinctive era main melody and a double character of the literary main melody. Subjective literary creations Some because of the long-term period of the subject and events, a long-term, constant creation process. Therefore, there must be a creative plan to keep pace with the times, and on the one hand, it adapted to the era theme of changing times. On the one hand, the topic of the long-term theme is continuously broadening the theme and style, and continuously deepening the theme digging. Some subjective literary creations can also be changed, and the type creation is close to the formation of sustainable development. For example, there is a literary reviewer recommends developing a silk movie on the basis of my country’s western film tradition, which is a meaningful idea. The theme-based creation we mentioned here, including our knowledge and familiar owner, major revolutionary historical, literary creations, but not fully painted.

Reproduction and organization of the subjective literary creation and organizations including the major era themes in the main melody literary creation will have more excellent expression effects, more in line with the law of literature and art, and will make the theme of the times through literary works. Really spread and accepted.

This natural advantage of theme-art creation should be that crack is good, calling, calling, unwriting, is a weirder.

From the history of literature and development, a magnificent trend in the Changhe River in the literary and art is the theme of literary creation.

The literary reflection, the great cultural work in history is the most uniquely revealed work for the most significant problems in the era of the times. New opportunities for theme creation, although the theme-based creation in recent years has achieved great achievements, and is being developed to "phenomenon" literature and development and strength, and it is expected to form a new growth point to promote literary creation and prosperity.

However, there are also some obvious artistic shortages in various subject matter, and some works have obvious scratches, lack of ideological depth and artistic strength, such works hurt the ausheal literary creation.

Theme characteristic creation has both the significance, seriousness, and artistic difficult, challenging, and high level of literary and artists. Engaged in theme-based cultural creation, need to seriously study and solve the rules and artistic individuals, theme limits and creation, theme and innovation, historical and imagination, realistic and virtuality, politicality, and artistic, mode Contradictory relationship between chemistry and interesting.

  The development of contemporary literary art has experienced only a positive writing, only highlighting the main characters, turns personalized writing, diversified style, or even a small angle, small person, small incident for interest, and then returned to positive writing, rewriting positive characters, Pay attention to the three stages of major events and homesteads.

Today, it is the historical moment of the theme of the theme of literary creation, and it is more mature, and the main melody deepening and theme regression on the basis of more technical skills in the allocation of ideological theory.

We will usher in an important historical node and major theme on the great revival of the Chinese nation. (驹) [Editor: Li Wei].

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