Recognize your life to unite all life

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Recognize your life to unite all life

"In the work and life, there must be respect each other, support each other, and honest.

"The land of the Agriculture and Water Affairs Bureau of the Bai alkali Beach District (Karamay High-tech Zone) is said to do this.

Since the launch of "National Unity," Since the recognition activities, Lu Limin has been in the Yuli Sijan who leap into the community in Bai Aliki Beach (Karami High-tech Zone). Take the desirably 77 years old this year, usually in addition to the daughter to cook, basically very few people with others.

After the landmare learned this, he insisted on visiting every week.

For a long time, from strange to familiarity, in the end, the two became a family that was better than relatives.

For relatives, "aunt, is it uncomfortable?" "My son, don’t be nervous, I just didn’t sleep well last night." Turk sweat · Buy and answer. Tom Khan · Buy Buy Buy Book, the unit stairs are serious, and it always issues "gure" sound. Okay during the day, the sound of the stairs in the evening seriously affected Tomi Khan · Buy Sleep. In fact, this situation Lu Limin has discovered that it is still in the heart.

"Aunt, I will help you solve this today.

"Luimin went to the Third Ring Building Material Market, found a maintenance master to reinforce all steel plates in the unit floor.

The repaired stairs did not have a disturbance of the people, and Turki sweat, buy buy and fetch, sleeping in the evening.

Since then, Turki Khan · Buy to buy a neighbor said: "Do you know how good my son, he helped us solve this headache problem.

"Help Sun Female to find a smile" Uncle, can I go to the library? "The ancestors who just came from the Science and Technology Museum asked Lu Limin." Yes, as long as you want to go, uncle will take you! " Lu Limin looked at a Zhu Lai.

Seeing the brilliant smile on the ancestors, Luimin smiled.

The fourth grade of the primary school is the granddaughter of Turki Khan, buying a bought, and she is usually accompanying her grandmother. Every time Luimin went to visit Turki Khan · Buy to buy, as long as the ancestors, I talked to her, chatting her in the school. "Son, you give me an idea, recently, my granddaughter is soaring, and I cry when I sleep at night, listening to the teacher to say that the results of the study also decline.

"Tomi Khan · Buy Buy to the Lu Lian complained.

Luimin contacted the Zhu La’s class teacher and the school tutorial teacher, and discussed how to give the ancestors. The two teachers of Zhu Bai La La Lian will pay attention to her study, and they will care about the physical and mental status of the ancestors and keep in touch with Lands. Luimin also took a lot of time to accompany the ancestors to chat, taught her to learn, and took her out to play on the weekend.

Under the influence of landmia’s subtlety, Zhu La slowly turned over, and also started learning, starting with Lu Min.

"Zumaira returned to the past, this aunt should be relieved!" Lu Miao took a breath. Formerly two years, Toy sweating · Buy to pay yourself, but this year, this year, I feel that the old man is getting less and less, it is very small, sleep hard, I will go to the hospital from time to time. .

"Luimin said. Last day, Lu Limin went to visit Turki sweat. When I bought it, I found that she had a lot, and coughing is not enough." Mom, we went to the hospital to see it? "Luimin is a little worried." Nothing, it seems to have a cold, I have eaten medicine. You are so busy, don’t worry about me.

"Take sweat · Buy. Lu people know that the big mother does not want to trouble himself, you can see the uncomfortable look of the old man, can’t help but take the old man to see a doctor. Doctor diagnose the old people’s lungs The water is a cold infection caused by a cold.

Due to the old age, the body is weak, it needs hospitalization. Subsequently, the elderly son-in-law and Lu Min took her hospitalized. After 6 days of hospitalization, the old man is getting better, and the face is better.

Now, Lu Limin cares more cares to cook for Spirit and bought it. (Ma Yilai Tubson Guan Xiaoxion) (Editor: Yang Rui, Ma Liang).

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