Take the "green" together in this summer – from "demolition and passing green" to see "Forest City" new change

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Take the "green" together in this summer – from "demolition and passing green" to see "Forest City" new change

Original title: Take the "green" in the corner of Changchun Park together. (Reporter Xu Muqi) photographed in summer, the deeper is getting concentrated.

"Forest City" Changchun is another Chinese service, and the model will appear. In 2016, Changchun won the title of "National Forest City". The urban green area of ??more than 180,000 hectares, the urban green coverage rate is 41%, the green space rate is 36%, the per capita park has a green area square meter – "Forest City" is also named. In order to make the green more harmoniously integrated into the city life, bring more happy feelings to the people, in May this year, Changchun City fully launched the "demolition of the green" work, in the "forest city" continuous construction process, write down the moisture Pen. Removing the green spread, a step in the park, Han Aunt, Han Aunt, Han Aunt, Furong Community, Xiangcheng District, Changchun City, took the child to Victory Park.

Here is less than 2 kilometers away from Changchun Railway Station, which has a lot of people’s early impression of Changchun, and also carries the beautiful memories of local people. Han Ayi’s home and Victory Park have only one street.

Before, they had to take the road from the South Gate, but today, the original iron fences in the park have been dismantled, and the Han Auntie is ready to pass through the woods and enter the park. "I feel that the fence is dismissed, and the surrounding residents will be more convenient in the park!" Han Ayi said to the reporter. There are also many citizens to enter the park across the park. The lens turns to the children’s park. The park was founded in 1933. After a few years of destruction and reconstruction in the long years, now, the garden is a beautiful scenery that is an indispensable view along the people’s street.

This "dismantling and blooming green", the children’s park only involves the demolition of the walls of Ten River on Tree Street.

After the wall was removed, some lakes in the park will be directly adjacent to the streets.

According to Wang Fei, Director of the Park Office, "demolished the green" project and the Huanhu Road renovation project on the east side of the park.

The entire project is expected to be completed at the end of October this year.

Wang Wi told reporters that many years ago, the fence of the people’s streets in the park was replaced with a hedge. Since then, there is a gap in these hedges, which are destroyed by tourists into the park. "This situation may also happen after the wall is removed." Wang Fei said, "In the subsequent beautification project, we will fully consider the access and convenience and safety of tourists, but also hope that the public can consciously love the park environment.

Only everyone will work together to create a harmonious garden environment. "The construction of the road to the public" with foot ", the Ms. Wei, who is selected to live in Xinjiang Street, Changchun City, recently found that the cultural square has a new change: on both sides of the Square, along the East Democratic Street and the wrought iron along the East Democratic Street. The fence is invisible, replaced is a pearl embroidery, purple jade, peacock grass, blue ladle, etc. Talking about the feelings, the Wei Ms. Wei summarizes two words: "Note". And Cultural Square The peony garden and Xinghua Village, which are not far away, also completed the demolition project in May.

The fence is dismantled, and the management problem floats.

According to the entrance to China Road in Culture Square, the newly planted Zi Yu Pen has been stepped out of a cedox, walking here, people can enter the square fitness equipment zone and public bathroom. Xu Qi, director of the Office of Changchun City Cultural Square Green Management Center, told reporters that in addition to cultural square, Xinghua Village, Peony Park, Yuhuayuan, located between Dongxi Democratic Street, also returned to the center management. Yuhuayuan has been completed in 2007, the opening is high, almost all of them with a green fence. "This open park management also has accumulated a lot of experience.

Xu Qi said. The reporter took a circle along the periphery of Yuhuayuan and found a more intensive road section in the residential area. Almost every milli, and the hempians will have a narrow slate road, and the direct park interior. According to Xu Qi, such a small road is mostly the entrance to the residents spontaneously "feet", the center has the situation, no longer replaces the green plant, but lapezed a slate. Xu Qi told reporters, in culture During the landscaping process after the demolition of the square, they will continue such service management ideas to provide convenience to the public. Management Park Guantang "Nanghu Park’s fence is demolished! "In recent days, this is the most common sentence of past citizens in Nanhu Park.

Everyone is watching, discussing.

This old friend who accompanied the Changchun citizens in more than 80 years is being transformed into a new look. Li Ping is a webmaster in the Nanhu Park.

When the reporter saw her, she was cleaning the park with several volunteers.

On June 6, Nanhu Park officially began to remove the fence.

Li Ping told the reporter that the park housekeeper team specially held a meeting to discuss how to better carry out volunteer services in the future and assist the park for follow-up management. Not only Nanhu Park, which is active for "demolition" and active in Changchun Park.

The volunteer service model of the reunion, the park is the first in the province of Changchun Park in 2014. Zhang Shuxian is the stationmaster of the Changchun Park butler station. Before retired, he was a Changchun Park Management Academic Science. After working in Changchun Park for more than 20 years, Zhang Ayi has a deep feeling here, and it has joined the park housekeeper team in the past few years. Zhang Ayi told reporters that after the "demolition of the green" work in Changchun Park, the park housekeeper team has been moving. On the basis of the original organizational model, it has established three teams: civilized supervision team, order maintenance team and laws and regulations Propaganda team.

The three teams have their own divisions, and the common goal is to ensure that the park will not change after the fence is removed. From the initial only than a few people, more than 500 fixed housekeepers, more than 2,000 mobile housekeers, Changchun Park Gujia team continues to grow, and have been highly affirmed by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Provincial Construction Department, this model is also in Changchun City Forestry and All major parks under the garden bureau have been fully promoted.

The experience of accumulation of Zhang Ayi, who has accumulated Zhang Ayi, but their pay not only directly exchanged the neat park environment, but also able to move more people, directly or indirectly to join the park team. Sharing the "Forest City" No matter which direction is in-depth in Changchun, the green will generously open to you: 300 meters from green.

Yang Shu tall, Liu Zhi swaying, 榆 树 成, 黑 松 松 … 劲 … 劲 … 劲 … … … … 如 历 的 历 的 历久 历 的 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 历, 500 meters to meet the park.

Victory Park, Children’s Park, Peony Garden, Changchun Park … There are thousands of autumn parks, tulips in the garden, peony, roses, peony, etc. "Hua Dan" appearance, the flowers are like this, the provincial government, the patriotic palace, Nanhu Hotel, Songyuan Hotel … Featured courtyard style is very different, and it is beautiful.

In the 1980s, Changchun took the lead in proposing the "Forest City" construction concept, and established a special plan for forest cities in 2 more years. Now, after decades of continuous construction, Changchun has formed a street as a skeleton, with gardens and courtyards, a city greenhouse combined with the big tree-based point line, becoming a famous green city.

"Green is a power, livable is the goal, the forest is a carrier, which is the three major characteristics of Changchun Building ‘Forest City’." Relevant responsible comrades of Changchun Forestry and Landscape Bureau said. Following such a development concept that the "demolition of the green" work is the key one in the "forest city" construction, and it is also a loop.

Up to now, the fencement of the fences in Changchun has been basically completed, and the subsequent beautification project is underway.

For the management of the park fence, the Changchun Forestry and Landscape Bureau has set a series of measures and methods, such as strengthening the inspection management of open parks, and makes full cleaning, all man management, and recruiting volunteers. Mobilize the public, tourists join the joint caring, manage the park’s actions; according to the needs of the public, tourists enter the park, combined with the ecological characteristics of the park forest area, appropriate increase in the garden road, convenient for the public to enter the park; increase the propaganda, appeal The general public, tourists enhance their own love green protection and so on. The reporter’s incoming: "Forest City" is built for a long time, and a blueprint is painted in the end.

Whether in order to improve urban taste, it is a great trend to improve the happiness index of the residents, and the "green" in the people is the righteousness of the construction of "Forest City". During the interview, the reporter heard a lot of sounds: someone brought convenience after the fence is demolished, and some people are worried that the disappearance of the fence will make the park’s beauty of the park. "Removing the Green" for the people. The meaning of "returning green" is "sharing", which is more dependent on "Building" and "Some". This not only tests management wisdom, but also inspecting the quality of the citizens. Since the start of the "Removing the Green" work, the reporter has spread all over the Changchun Gardens. From the park perspective, see people-oriented, service priority management ideas; from the perspective of the public, see volunteer services such as home, selfless dedication.

These vivid practices have let the "demolition of the green" work and the "forest city" will have more reasons to look forward to. (Reporter Xu Mu Flag) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).

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