Struggling 100-year road to the new journey · The party flag is flying in the grassroots level, high height, China Middle Car: to create a central corporate party building "gold medal"

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Struggling 100-year road to the new journey · The party flag is flying in the grassroots level, high height, China Middle Car: to create a central corporate party building "gold medal"

  Xinhua News Agency, October 14th: China Middle Cars: Creating a Central Enterprise Party Building "Golden Business Card" Xinhua News Agency Fan Wei in the global transportation industry, "China High Speed ??Rail" is a "Chinese Business Card". China Middle Cars is the designer, manufacturer and provider of high-speed rail.

  How to achieve high quality development, create a world-class demonstration company, let the "China High Speed ??Rail" continue to lead the world? Sun Yongci, secretary of the Party Committee of China, and Chairman, said that he always adheres to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction, and build a "gold medal film" of the Central Enterprise Party, which is an enhanced corporate responsibility and mission, and synchronizes the "national business card" "winning method" ". "Grasping party construction is to grasp development, grasp the development must grasp the party building"

  In the face of how to improve the modern enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, how to correctly handle the relationship between party committees and board, managers, this "test questions", China’s medium-circus program highlights "party building as leading", clearly proposes to improve corporate governance The party’s leadership have formed the party committee to investigate the overall situation, the strategic decision management of the board of directors, supervision and supervision of the supervisors of the board of supervisors, the management system and governance mechanism of managerial compliance management.

  In the system, China Middle Car has established a "1 + 3 + N" system system.

"1" 即 Company charter, "3" The party committee, board, general manager working rules, "N" that is, 26 basic systems and 247 special regulations that each governance entity are actively operated, and strengthen the party’s leadership through the complete system system.

  In terms of specific matters, China’s middle cars are overwriting the border, system combating the responsibility of governance, clarifying the decision-making authority of various governance subjects such as party committees, board, manager, clarifies 59 major matters.

Among them, 34 items are checked by the party committee, and then by the board of directors, or the manager’s decision-making; if there are 6 contents depending on the situation, the party committee is in front of the party committee, and then by the board or managerial decision.

  "What is the right of governance, what is the matter, what is responsible, can be done, let the power under the system, the sun is standardized." Wang Yuan, the deputy secretary of the China Medium Car Party Committee. With a system system, it should be supervised.

In addition to the implementation and supervision links in the implementation and supervision of the China Middle Car Party Committee

The Party Committee supports the manager layer to make full work in the management, implementation, and strong management, and listen to the exchange of operations every quarter.

  In terms of "talent strong enterprises", China’s medium-circular banner is clearly polished, and it is constantly strengthened the leadership of the party and explores its own "Talent Road". First, strictly choose business leaders. It is not necessary to have problems in clean and honest.

Implement a competitive selection mechanism.

Among the members of the newly promoted primary sub-enterprise manager, more than 80% of the competitive selection, effectively stimulated the endogenous motivation of business leaders’ sake business. The second is to strengthen daily supervision and management. Formulate implementation and strengthening some measures to supervise the supervision of "one hand" and leadership team, leading the management of the Cadre Management Supervision, Strengthening the Daily Management Supervision of Leading Cadres, strictly implementing the annual and term assessment. The third is to continuously optimize the cultivation of incentives.

Increase forward incentives, implement "enterprise self-portrait comparison + inter-enter-direction comparison" salary double decision mechanism, implement "increased risk premium + amplifiable salary" management mode. At the same time, China Middle Cars actively explores the establishment of implementing stepped talent succession mechanisms. Emphasize the comprehensive use of talents to cultivate "three ways", follow talents to cultivate "721" rules, 70% relied on practical exercise, 20% rely on mentor training, 10% of concentration training. Keep your youth employees, all levels of reserve talents are placed and exercise in a complex environment such as grassroots units, overseas projects, and focus on improving the cultivation and development potential of talents.

  As of the end of 2020, China’s middle cars had more than 400 grades, 139 party committees at all levels, 170 parties, 1909 party branches.

Existing employees, more than 60,000 party members. This year, it coincides with the 140th anniversary of the establishment of China’s middle cars, China Middle Cars has become a veritable first supplier in the World Rail Transit Industry. Since the establishment of the party construction work assessment mechanism, China’s Zhongxue Party construction has been awarded "4 even A"; business performance assessment was awarded "10 even A", and the three consecutive registered "performance excellent enterprises", 7 national key points Special acquisition milestone, 600 kilometers speed magnetic float test sample car successfully tried, speed 400 km multinational interoperability high-speed EMU successfully launched … This year is the "14th Five-Year Plan", China Middle Car Party Committee The idea of ??"three years of climbing" is proposed in the new era.

Sun Yuncai said that it will focus on the construction of good development prospects, excellent business performance, high social image, and high happiness index. The effectiveness of construction is more obvious, and the party organizations and party members have played more fully, and the high-quality party building leads the new situation of high quality development.

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