Tuanchuan Agricultural Rural Bureau to carry out special guidance for anti-drug work

4月 27, 2022 夜网

Tuanchuan Agricultural Rural Bureau to carry out special guidance for anti-drug work

In order to advance the anti-drug "large sweep" special action, November 10

Every time I go to a township, Xiao Mingshun carefully listened to the introduction or report of the anti-drug work in the leaders of the towns and agricultural service centers, and the discussion of the anti-drug work in the new era, and proposed suggestions.

In the supervision, Xiao Mingshun affirmed the effectiveness of township anti-drug work, but also pointed out the problems and lack of existence, and put forward rectification measures on the shortcomings in the anti-drug work, and the actual doubts encountered in the grassroots business personnel. Question, one by one makes a detailed answer, proposing the corresponding processing method. Requirements: Each township should effectively strengthen organizational leadership, refine work responsibilities, and implement the insured mission, establish and improve the responsibility system for implicitly banned work, compact the responsibility to people, put the inspection in the villagers’ home home and remote On the cultivated land of the edge, it is not omission, and strictly puts the "poppy seeds" responsibility; to combine the actual situation of the town, earnestly grasp the ban on the district of cultivated land to ensure the "zero production" "zero production" "zero production" "zero-yield" of drug original plants. To touch the wishes to develop a drug rehabilitation personnel who will develop agricultural industries, under the conditions that meet the relevant policies, use the agricultural development funds and scientific and technological projects, actively provide agricultural science and technology information for drug rehabilitation personnel, and declared planting and breeding production bases in drug rehabilitation personnel. Waiting for projects, support and drive and drive drug rehabilitation personnel employment; we must go to the rural, field first-line, planting large households, family farm and other places, etc. consciousness.

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