Rugao City, Jiangsu Province held 2021 middle-aged cadres symposium

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Rugao City, Jiangsu Province held 2021 middle-aged cadres symposium

On October 26, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province held a symposium for all students in the 2021 middle-aged cadres training course, and the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting, and in-depth communication with the participants on some topics.

Ding Xinghua, member of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Organization, Minister of the Minister of the United Front, Zhu Yingzhen, took the meeting.

At the symposium, more than 10 students combined with the learning experience and the actual work of the middle-aged cadres training course, the realities, tribute, and suggested recommendations. They both shared the results of the results in the training, and also talked about future struggle.

After listening to the statement, He Yijun has expressed its affirmation to the vibrant and achieved progress of the students.

He encourages students to cherish the opportunities for this training to ensure that they learn, learn, and learn from each other in future work, and accelerate the improvement of work ability and level. In combination with the actual and young cadres grow rapidly, He Yijun pointed out that the middle-aged cadres should go deep into the important speech at general Secretary Xi Jinping at the 2021 semester (National Administrative College). Spirit, stick to the soul of the ideal belief, consolidate the foundation of party loyalty, do not forget the service for the people, in the new journey of Rugao, the party, for the people.

It is necessary to be high-spirited, pioneering and enterprising, and brave the tide, to fight the first, dare to create the only, resolutely break the ideological obstacle to restrict development, and the "rushing front" of the brave concept; be brave in exploration, dare to innovate, anchor Key work objectives, provoke the burden, dare to do, take the initiative to solve the problem; be brave in struggle, dare to win, vigorously promote the spirit of struggle, try to completely solve the "buddy" problem. He Yijun emphasizes that it is necessary to practice hard, hard work, and can be "a thousand miles". With the dynamic development, the system is fully eye-catching, which is good at learning from advanced experience, no stiff, moving, in project construction, talent Preemptive opportunity, in the urban construction, inheriting excellent culture, enhance urban integrated competitiveness; there must be "Shun Feng", listening to the voice, listen to the opinions, implement "two in two", new work, truly By adjusting the problem of problems in the grassroots, find a valid approach to solving the problem, focusing on the good opinions into their own "wisdom"; to do "multi-face", with the right political achievements and scientific development concept, It is good to seek a good master, coordinated good hands, and pay close attention to implementation. It is necessary to contribute the righteousness of the breeze, just right, and stick to the far-sighted power concept, keep a clean life concept, and stick to the cleanliness of the innocent, to invest in the vitality of the various undertaks, for the courage of the Three-Quality Development of the North Wing, Strive to write a new chapter of Rugao Modernization to make new and greater contributions.

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