Shaoxing Keqiao: Multi-partiality helps people to re-ignite

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Shaoxing Keqiao: Multi-partiality helps people to re-ignite

  On October 17, it was the 8th "National Poverty Reduction Day" in my country. It is also the 29th "International Elimination of Poverty Day."

my country has established "Poverty Alleviation Day", the main purpose is to guide all walks of life to pay attention to poverty, caring for poverty, care for poverty alleviation, and promote the somewhere, mobilizing the society, and cultivate good social fashion. In recent years, Shaoxing City Keqiao District vigorously enhances basic people’s livelihood guarantees, making difficult families applying more convenient through digital form, and guides multi-charitable power, funding multiple public welfare investment projects, and participating in poverty alleviation, and has strongly promoted the universal district Career high quality development.

  "Zhejiang rescue" makes difficult family, do not leave home, complete the application "is really a good thing for us! My leg is inconvenient, now as long as the mobile phone is logged in, fill in the relevant information is fine, we really feel the society Care.

"The villager Xiaojin (pseudonym) in Ji Dong Town is expected. Small gold has lost labor capacity due to limb disability, and the parents in the family have been high, usually only do some manual subsidies.

In recent days, with the help of village cadres, in the "Zhejiang rescue" app in Zhejiang Office, he successfully submitted the low-security family application materials, and it is expected to be completed within 20 working days.

After becoming a low-cost object, the difficulties of Little Golden family will greatly alleviate. The reporter learned that "Zhejiang rescue" is developed by the Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province, and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Keqiao District is implemented. After the special difficulties and low-cost objects complete the approval, the corresponding rescue gold can be obtained per month. In addition, we can also get a number of rescue of the Spring Festival condolences, hydropower coal subsidies, medical assistance. Up to now, there are more than 4,000 difficult families in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Keqiao District. The total amount of rescue funds this year totaled more than 39.7 million yuan. "Charity Keqiao" leads multi-party power poverty alleviation help "thanks to the community and charity always pay attention to our attention, the heart is very warm, but there is difficult, but we are not alone." Recently, Anchang Street The family is Xiaoyu (pseudonym) to the District Charity Association.

It turned out that Xiaoyu family was seriously burned by gas explosion, and it could not pay for medical expenses. The Charity Fair learned from "water droplets" to the family’s difficulties. The verification situation is true, Xiaoyu family immediately received a 10,000 yuan rescue gold, alleviated Emergency urgent.

  In recent years, the leading role of the leading tissue organization of the leader of the Charity Federation of the Charity Federation in Keqiao District, together with the three-level charity platform combined with vertical and horizontal exchanges, mobilize the enthusiasm of textile city enterprises, cloth merchants, and citizens. While activating charity, "Sunshine Charity" is activated and guided participation in poverty alleviation. It is understood that, at present, the 53 large charitable funds of the Keqiao District Charity Federation covers 16 town streets, including 5 funds of 1,000 million yuan (excluding) funds, 3 funds of 30 million yuan, and above. Contents involve help medicine help, assist and help, help the old disabled, poverty alleviation and other areas. It is worth mentioning that aiming for the poor return of poor and poor, the Charity Federation of Keqiao District is also established by 30 million yuan, "Leisure, Disease Care", and more than 10 emergency rescue funds. For the outside of the staff, 20,000 yuan of "kiss baby" charity funds, such as "kiss baby" charity funds, etc., for some difficult families, and transfer the government and social care.

  According to statistics, this year, Keqiao District Charity General will provide 10,000 yuan to the difficult family of Keqiao District, benefiting 55,656 people, struggling to protect the families of difficulties in difficulties, learn from the school, learn, disease, old people , Living, weakly helping. The full support of the public welfare venture project "After a period of psychological guidance, I found that there are so many uncle aunt who cares about me, I feel a lot of mood." Some time, junior high school students Ying Ying (pseudonym) Due to many factors such as families It suffers from depression, and the spirit will collapse. The public welfare venture project founded by the Juexin Public Welfare Service Association of Huashe Street, Keqiao District – Difficult Children and their family mental health assistance, after understanding the situation of Yingying, invited her to come to the studio for psychological counseling. "We feel that helping the dilemma should be careful from the body and mind, through mental analysis cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and other measures to alleviate the child’s psychological pressure.

"The person in charge of the Association told reporters that Keqiao District began selection and funding public welfare venture capital projects in 2017, providing projects, of which a single project is up to 100,000 yuan. As of now, more than 200 projects have been funded. It has helped the old, help service, etc., have helped more than 2,000 difficult families to solve the various difficulties, participate in volunteers and volunteers more than 60,000. Among them, Keqiao District, the "love in the trunk" participatory Project, with minor orphans and poor students as the help object, through the financing, the mother is accompanying, helping to grow healthily.

Keqiao District Anti-Cancer Association is the honorable care – the difficult patient helps the project, through the pair of patients with dilemma, helping the patients get out of the dilemma and defeat the disease. Many public welfare venture projects have careful, help, help, help, training, employment, and social integration for disabled people; to carry out life care and soul, and make difficult families feel bright, re-re- Ignite the hope of life. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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