Taiwan’s "old fishing" fate, different bloody youth

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Taiwan’s "old fishing" fate, different bloody youth

  In the "Guarany Parade" team held in Taipei on September 23, many "old fishing" in the 1970s have been standing in the forefront of the team, Lin Xiaoxin (everyone in the alliance of alliances)Wang Xiaobo (the vice chairman of China Unified Alliance), Yu Ming (the new party chairman), etc. The "fishing" of the year is frequently recurred by the media.In 1970, the Japanese warships expels the fishing-fishing Taiwan fishermen in the Diaoyu Islands, and claims that the Diaoyu Islands are Japan.In September, Taiwan’s "Junxin News" ("China Times" dispatched a reporter to hire a boat to mount the Diaoyu Islands to interview, raise the flag, and lettering the sovereignty.Wang Xiaobo, who is studying the graduate student of Taiwan’s Philosophy, is very excited after reading the report, and wrote "China Journal".

The beginning of the article describes the two sentences of "May Fourth Sports": "China’s land can conquer, but can not be shipped; Chinese people can kill, but not to bow." November, there is Wang Xiaobo article "China Magazine" In the hands of Taiwanese students passing to stay, they decided "to act" and established the "Board of Mouth Action" in the United States.

  Lin Xiaoxin, which has "bitter", is seventeen from this year. He recalled the "Global Times" reporter to the situation: January 29, 1971, on the 30th, Taiwan students in the United States successively in the eastern New York, Washington SAR, Chicago in the Midwest, Seattle, San Francisco, 6 cities in Western San Francisco, in 6 cities in Los Angeles for the first time demonstration.

In March, the 500 Chinese scholars in the United States came to Chiang Kai-shek, requiring the Diaoyu Islands. Many of these 500 scholars are international masters, including famous mathematician Chen provinces, and a great role in "fishing".

On April 10, 1971, the second big parade was held in Washington SAR, and thousands of people participated, and the momentum was very.

  Lin Xiaoxin and others founded the "Guaranteed" movement of Taiwan’s "Guaranteed" sports, and Lin Xiaoxin also became a leader of "fishing" sports.

He said, "There is no email at that time, there is no fax, in order to keep in touch, after the" Science Monthly "is published, the" Science Monthly Work Bulletin "is published, and there is a week in a week, forming a intensive and effective international student contact network, everyone With this contact network, it has established mutual trust, so that the "fishing" movement is rapidly developed. "Lin Xiaoxin said," In September 1971, the vaguely opposed fishing members were officially separated after the fierce debate in the conference, called so-called The left and right splits of the fishing, after the fishery, the fishery is divided into three different routes: ‘Zuffin’ people will hide the CPC regime that is going to build diplomatic relations with the United States; "right faction" insists on defending the Nationalist Party; The people who are disappointed with the Kuomintang will focus on the center of focus on Taiwan and form a third route of ‘to fish’ movement. "But there are other pro-party to believe that the" fishing "split of the school students is left. Right three factions: "left faction" agree with socialism, call on the acknowledgment of new China; "right" support the Kuomintang authorities, advocating the innovation preparation; most people belong to the middle school, only care about "fishing", do not want to choose the political standing station, Quit quickly after participating in several demonstrations.

  A group of bloody youth has been divided into different life trajectories.

In September 1971, "Zuo", the fishing student, Li I, and other five people were invited to set foot on the new China, and were accepted by Zhou Enlai Prime Minister.

Out of the protection of this batch of students, the mainland did not publicly report this visit. The 5 people visited the group, and therefore known as "the zero group of fishing", with different disclosure of the first group "," Fishing the second group ". The visit to Zhou Enlai expressed the wishes of returning to China, Zhou Enlai suggested that they "report to the country", because New China will return to the United Nations, urgently need the Chinese and English talents, they can go to the United Nations. Translation work. So, Li I waited for a group of "old fishes" to give up their own major and admitted to the United Nations work. He graduated from the Taiwan University Geology. In 1971, he won the Ph.D. of the University of Brown University, in 1972, he returned to Beijing in 1972, working in the Institute of Mineral Resources, China University of Geological Sciences. From 1978 to 1980, there were nearly 200 experts from Taiwanese scholars to the mainland, and most of them participated in the "fishing" movement. Everyone thinks it is necessary to organize, in order to better adapt to the new environment, and promote the development of cross-strait relations, and promote the unity of the motherland.

On November 3, 1981, Taiwan’s classmates were officially established in Beijing, and Lin Sheng was elected as the first president. On December 9, 2011, Lin Sheng was dying in Beijing because of the illness, and the year was 70 years old. Overseas "fishing" movement stends to unify sports, "fishing" people in the island are weak and weak, and they will turn their attention to democratic movements and social movements.

In 1974, Wang Xiaobo, who has been a lecturer in Taiwan’s Philosophy, was dismissed.

At present, he is a vice chairman of Taiwan’s China Unified Alliance and Professor, Chinese Culture University.

The "right school" is still active in the Taiwanese politics, Yu Ming, Hu Zhiqiang … The biggest is Ma Ying-je. A "fishing" movement also changed the fate of Lin Xiaoxus. At that time, the Department of Physics of Taiwan University graduated, Dr. Chicago was reading because of "fishing" on the blacklist of the authorities, "passport" is confiscated, in the beauty Inti-legacy, I can’t wait to work, I am forced to become a very few "professional revolutionary" of the overseas "professional revolutionary", until Taiwan’s "Yan Yan" is reapplying to apply for a passport, apply for 3 times to approve, 1988 returned to the 21 years Taiwan. The "Guaranteed" is again, Lin Xiaoxin once again stood "Guarany" command car, and facing the people in the face of the people, it is still polite, but he is now facing "Jianzhong, Taiwan University, United States" route. "Elite in the elite", and mostly the grassroots people in Taiwan.

In these years, Lin Xiaoxin worried the most "Guaranteed" has become "Wrath of Yesterday", worried that the fire of "fishing" is unmanned, worried about the idealism and the growing phenomena.

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