The fourth time to participate in the Inner Mongolia delegation reviewed Xi Jinping mentioned these key points

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The fourth time to participate in the Inner Mongolia delegation reviewed Xi Jinping mentioned these key points

When I participated in the delegation of Inner Mongolia this year, Xi Jinping pointed out that in Inner Mongolia as the earliest national autonomous region in my country, promoting the honor tradition of promoting the national unity, and long-standing honors have a "model autonomous region", to cherish, continue to maintain. He emphasizes that we must focus on joint solidarity and prosperity, and keep in mind that the Han people are inseparable from the minorities, and ethnic minorities are inseparable from Han nationality. There are also mutual revenue between the ethnic minorities. Increase the identity of all ethnic groups to the great motherland, the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, the Chinese Communist Party, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has emphasized the importance of enhancing national cultural identity in different occasions in promoting national unity.

On July 15, 2019, Xi Jinping came to the Chifeng Museum during the Inner Mongolia in Inner Mongolia, and learned about the prestige of prehistoric cultural exploration and protection of Hongshan culture and the historical evolution of Qidan Liao culture, Mongolian Yuan culture.

He talked about. "my country is a unified multi-ethnic country, the Chinese nation is formed by multi-ethnic minor exchanges," "" "" " The recognition of the great motherland, the recognition of the Chinese nation, the recognition of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. " On September 27, 2019, the national unity and progress commendation meeting was held. Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, to strengthen the socialist core value education in all ethnic groups, firmly establish the correct view of the motherland, the nation, the cultural view, the historical concept, and enhance the identity of all ethnic groups to Chinese culture. "Cultural identity is the deepest agreement, is the root of national unity, nation and soul.

"In this statement, Xi Jinping has stated that when it comes to enhancing national cultural identity, Xi Jinping has also requested requirements for the development of Chinese national community awareness education. Xi Jinping first proposed in the 19th National Report for the first time The Chinese Nations Community Consciousness "points out to" fully implement the party’s national policy, deepen the national unity and progressive education, and strengthen the intersection of the Chinese nation, strengthen the integration of all ethnic groups, promote all ethnic groups like pomegranate seeds, together, together Unity struggle and prosperly develop together. "At the national national unity and progress, Xi Jinping further pointed out that realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, it is necessary to take the national community awareness as the main line, and grasp the national unity and progressive career as a fundamental business.

When this year, when he participated in the delegation of Inner Mongolia, Xi Jinping emphasized that in-depth development of the Chinese nation’s national community awareness education, especially from adolescent education, guide the masses of cadres to comprehensively understand the party’s national policy and establish correct National view, historical concept, national view, cultural view, religious view, and banner against all kinds of wrong ideas, condense "building a bright inner Mongolia, a total of great Chinese dreams". The road that can’t be forgotten, the road is not allowed to do a good job in learning education.

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