Taiyuan City Talk about violations and sharing electric bicycles

5月 8, 2022 夜网

Taiyuan City Talk about violations and sharing electric bicycles

  Original title: The city is about to invest in the city’s municipality in violation, and the shared electric bicycle is not allowed to operate, so most of the streets have difficult to see shared electric vehicles.

However, recently, there is a batch of shared electric vehicles that violate regulations and operations in the streets such as Xuefu Street and Jinyang Street, etc. After verifying investigations, I learned on April 7 that the Municipal Transportation Bureau has interoperable related companies that violate the sharing of electric vehicles. In 2017, the Municipal Government was introduced (revised in April 2020) clearly stipulated in the "Implementation Opinions on Regulating Internet Biking Development):" The city does not develop electric bicycles as Internet rental bikes ", but there are still some business enterprises to put in violation. .

  Wang Guangrui, a public transportation and sharing steam (single) car related person in the city transportation, comprehensive administrative law enforcement team, said that the shared electric car has always been the supervision focus of law enforcement.

Recently, the US group bicycle shared electric vehicles were found, and the shared electric car was shared, and the big haunted electric vehicle was put on the city, and the city transportation department interviewed bicycle enterprises.

Law enforcement officers explained the specific situation of violations of the above enterprises, showing the corresponding documentation, giving advice on recycling processing.

  The municipal transportation department reminded the public that the shared electric vehicles within the sixth cities in our city are illegal, and the electric bicycles are of greatity, fast, and the riding personnel have safety hazards. It is worth noting that minors can also use mobile phone scanning to unlock it. According to relevant regulations, driving electric bicycles and disabled mobile (electric) wheelchairs must be 16 years old. Minors judge road traffic danger, and the avoidance capacity is relatively weak.

At the same time, some children will be randomly riding roads without parental management, chasing, chasing, and extremely easy road safety incidents.

Therefore, parents should manage their children, do not provide the conditions for their cycling, to prohibit the junior people to ride on the road.

(Reporter Li Tao).

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