Shanghai Putuo Cao Yangxin Village: New China Pioneer, New Era

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Shanghai Putuo Cao Yangxin Village: New China Pioneer, New Era

The electric vehicle enters the elevator and the ladder control system immediately issues. Cao Yangxin Village Street is for map, although this sharpener effectively prevents the residents from charging electric vehicles in high-risk conditions, how does residents will give electric vehicle charging daily demand? To this end, the street launched four sets of "charging babies", namely the underground garage charging pile of community, charging pile along the street, fast charge cabinet, the roadside will change the fast power change cabinet, bring "home door" to residents Safety. "One Network Standard" + Ladder Control System + "Charging Baby", Cao Yang, this complete set of digitalization, effectively controls the challenge of electric vehicle charging.

Urban lives are updated in the years, and many social governance problems have gradually floated the surface, but Cao Yang has been continuously attacked: it is possible to accurately capture, trace, and proof the "Cao Yang Eyes" of high-altitude parabolic; The unregulated residents’ voice call system; during the epidemic prevention and control, the intelligent door magnetic system for real-time monitoring and management of home medical observation objects; creating "appropriate aging" convenience channels, launching support for ID card Instead of the smart terminal of the sweeping code … From "Heaven" to "Underground" to "people", from the general convenience to the special crowd, this digital community governance road, Cao Yang step, one footprint, never stop exploration .

The foregoing has been mentioned that Cao Yangxin Village’s old population accounts for%, so it is especially important for the old service. In the digital transformation period, helping the elderly across the "Digital Ditch", so that the demand for digital dividends is extremely urgent and the demand for the elderly group is extremely urgent, and this is also the focus of the street.

Options, the streets of home safety and spiritual life need, launched the "Cao Yang Elf" integrating emergency call function, real-time call function, voice broadcast function, and data collection function. The biggest advantage of this magical "elves" is that it is a voice-driven drive and use, which is very convenient for the elderly. If the old man falls at home, do not need any hardware, just call "Cao Yang Elf", you can call with the Cadres of the Commission to seek help.

As Zhang Lei, deputy director of the street office: "The old people sometimes can’t keep up, but we must pull them, actively explore innovation, let technology no longer cold, canmerate, can know, can be pension The service takes them around and embraces the digital age.

"A few days ago, Cao Yangxin Village Street has also received the honorary title of" Pilot Demonstration Street "of Smart Health and Pension Application.

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