Take measures to increase the income of farmers

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Take measures to increase the income of farmers

[] [Font size] [] Farmers are the main force of food production, with high grain income, directly affecting farmers’ granks, and even affects national food security.

Recently, the State Council executive meeting reviewed and considered through the "14th Five-Year Plan" to promote the modernization of agricultural rural areas, promote rural rejgience and farmers’ income growth.

  For the food farmers, increased revenue mainly operate income, metastatic income, wage income, asset income and affordable income.

Grain income is an important one of the increased business income of farmers.

For a grain farmer, we must continue to improve the living standards, we must first stabilize food production. However, a reality issue that has to be facing is that the current grain is relatively low, in order to live a more wonderful life, many farmers will choose to increase in urban trial.

This is also an important reason for the tendency of grain production and tendency in rural areas. Grain prices increase the business income of grain farmers. This year, domestic food prices are basically in high operational trend. During summer grain acquisition, wheat and early pota rice prices continue to maintain high, and the property area did not start the purchase of wheat and early Indica. However, after entering the peak season of the autumn grain, the three major grain prices of wheat, rice and corn have differentiation, wheat, corn prices in the high level, and China and China have a large number of centralized listing, the price has declined.

In order to effectively protect the benefits of rice farmers, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Heilongjiang and other rice producing areas will launch the minimum purchase price of rice, and give full play to the role of policy acquisitions to ensure that farmers are not lost. Since this year, grain costs have risen sharply, squeezed with grain revenue, and have a certain impact on farmers’ income and food stability. In order to boost the farmers, the state has adopted a series of initiatives, improved food support protection policy, improves compensation mechanism, and increases the cost of food production, expands full cost insurance and income insurance pilot of food crops, and increase farmers’ metastatic income. Let the farmers have money to earn money. In particular, the Central Finance has issued 1.4 billion yuan of funds from 14 billion yuan in the four-year-time newly distributed to the actual grain farmers. , Purchase fuel, fertilizer, seed (seedling) and other agricultural production restoration required materials materials and services to support the production initiation of autumn harvest and autumn and winter.

  For the grain farmers, continue to enhance income and living standards, only relying on food prices and agricultural subsidies are difficult to achieve.

Practice of all localities, to ensure food security at a higher level, continue to increase the income of grain farmers, need to accelerate the development of agricultural modernization, build a modern food industry system, speed up the cultivation of agricultural industrialization, and build food from the field to the table. The industrial chain, the establishment of "leading enterprises + cooperative + farmers", cultivating the agricultural management of agricultural management, and improve the agricultural social service system, let the small farmers take modern agriculture Express.

Accelerate the development of the first two-three industry integration, broaden farmers’ income channels, allowing farmers to achieve the employment entrepreneurship at home, share value-added revenue, increase wage income and operating income. Continue to improve the income and living standards of grain farmers, but also constantly shrink urban and rural gaps, strengthen rural infrastructure construction, improve rural education, medical, and pension, etc. basic public service quality. At the moment, there is still a large number of "sleep" resources, which is the potential of farmers to increase property income, and needs to be activated by accelerating rural key areas and key link reforms.

Many producing grain counties have been a national-level poor county. After the decisive victory of the poverty, it also needs to be consolidated to expand the effective connection of the country’s revitalization, improve the development conditions of the gap, and ultimately realize the high quality and efficient development of the food industry. , Rural shoulder, peasant wealthy goals.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.

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