Sociaal ondersteuningssysteem voor de bevalling moet worden verbeterd om Chinas derde te ondersteunen

Sociaal ondersteuningssysteem voor de bevalling moet worden verbeterd om Chinas derde te ondersteunen

Childrenwearingtiger-themedhatsareseenwithdecorationsontheirhandsinHefei, eastChinasAnhuiProvince ,,,: XinhuaImprovingChinassocialsupportsystemforchildbirthhasbeenahottopicintheproposalsmanyChinesepoliticaladvisorsmadeattheongoingannualmeetingoftheChinesePeoplesPoliticalConsultativeConference (CPPCC) NationalCommittee, astheysuggestedthatmoresubsidiesandservicesbeputinplaceforchildbearingandfamily-supportingtobackthecountry, deputychairmanofthewomensfederationofCentralChinasHubeiProvinceandamemberofCPPCCNationalCommittee, toldmediathatChinesefamiliesdesiretohavechildrenremainsloweventhoughthethird-childpolicyhashadahugeinfluespopulationhasenteredazero-growthperiod, Chinesedemographerssaid ,, closetothenumberofdeaths, improvementinthesystemofchildbirthsubsidiesastherearestillinsufficientpoliciesforwomentobalancetheconflisocialinsurancesystem, whichissuesmonthlysubsidiestofamilieswithsecondandthirdchildren, asupplementarymaternitysubsidysystemshouldbesetupseparatelytoencouragechildbirth ,, thesystemofma ternityleaveshouldbeimprovedbyincreasingincentivematernityleaveforhavingasecondchildandvigorouslypromotingpaternityleaveformen, spopulationdevelopmenthasenteredanewstage, andadjustmentstothefamilyplanningpolicyshouldmainlypromotetheharmonyandhappinessoffamiliesandhelpthosefamilieswithfertilitydesirerealizetheirwishtohavechildren, saidHeDan, anotherCPPCCNationalCommitteememberanddirectoroftheChinaPopulationandDevelopmentResearchCenter, fchildcareservicestoensurechildcareins, proposingtoincludeassistedfertilitytechnologiesinthecountrys, 000yuan ($ 76.556) inChinain2019, muchhigherthanmanycountriesincludingtheUS, FranceandGermany, havechildrenbyincreasingsocialsecurityinmedicalcare, huisvesting ,, vicechairmanoftheGuangdongFederationofIndustryandCommerce, proposedofferinghousingsubsidiestofamilieswiththreechildren, andalsotopromotetheconstructionofsupportingservicefacilitiesformotherswithinfantsandyoungchildren, suchassettingupmorebreastfeedingstationsinpublicplaces ,, YuXinwei,Vicepresidentoangzhou, Southchinasguangzhou, SouthchinasGuangdongProvince, SawnThatshese "full-time" FamilyWorkeralSDeServetohavetheir "OccupationalRightsandinterests" Secured, MewivesandhusbandSwithMultiplechildrensothattheyCanAlsoenSOnTHEBASICFIVEInSurancesorevenTerPriseAnuity, Yusaid. (Webeditor: Zhongwenxing, Liangjun).

The national live e-commerce Baiqiang area announced the top ten Hangzhou four seats

The national live e-commerce Baiqiang area announced the top ten Hangzhou four seats

Original title: National Live E-commerce Baiqiang Regional list announced that the top ten Hangzhou accounted for recently, China Market Society, Ali Research Institute Joint Taobao Live Map has released the "Live E-commerce Regional Development Index", which announced live e-commerce Regional Development Indexes. In the top ten of the list of live e-commerce in the country, Hangzhou exclusively, that is, Binjiang District, Jianggan District, Yuhang District and Xiaoshan District.

This shows the powerful strength and vitality of Hangzhou live e-commerce development.

In June last year, Binjiang shouted the slogan of the first district of the live industry, the famous live stream industry enterprises and other well-known live-industry enterprises and other well-known live industry companies such as the Language, and signed a contract.

The Qian Dynasty "A Sister" Viria ‘s Qian Dynasty plays an important role in the live ecological circle of Binjiang. Wei Ya bluntly, Binjiang builds the first area of ??the live industry, can integrate more resources, and more powerful promotion of enterprises in terms of choice, talent attraction. At the same time, Yuhang District Yishang Town ushered in 20 major project centralized contracts, live platforms, industrial projects, MCN institutions and network red people, supply chain mechanisms, embraced alliances, etc., which constitute a complete industrial chain. In order to carry newly introduced online live broadcast industries, Yishang Town will reserve 16 blocks in the west side of Ruili Light luxury, reserve 16 blocks, a total of 640 mu, 1.28 million industrial space, as a small town to expand industries Space, help the art of Shang Shang Town to grab the opportunity of the digital age and create a "net red city".

As an effective form of release of consumption, pulling economic growth, live e-commerce has become another windy mouth under the epidemic. The Ministry of Commerce shows that in 2020, my country’s key monitoring of e-commerce platforms exceeded 24 million fields. Under the explosive growth, thousands of sails all over the country have issued relevant policies, seize the live e-commerce new track.

In July last year, Hangzhou, which has always been in the forefront of the industry, has introduced "Some Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Hangzhou City" (referred to as "Opinions"), combined with Hangzhou City to create digital economy first city requirements, from the growth of live e-commerce Industrial ecology, build a new industrial chain system, build a full-scale elemental guarantee system, etc. "Opinions" pointed out that by 2022, Hangzhou has to achieve a live e-commerce turnover of 1000 billion yuan, and the contribution rate of consumption growth rate reached 20%, cultivated and introduced 100 head live e-commerce MCN institutions, and building 100 live e-commerce. Park (Base), excavate 1000 live e-commerce brands (cards), promote 100 head anchors to settled in Hangzhou, cultivate 10,000 live people.

(Editor: Kang Mengqi, Zhang Liwei).

The branch is built on the river lake, and more than 200 provincial control above the Shandong ushered in the water service team.

The branch is built on the river lake, and more than 200 provincial control above the Shandong ushered in the water service team.

Original title: Branch is built on the river lake, and more than 200 provinces in Shandong ushered in the water quality and repeated fluctuations in the water service team, it is a problem that many local governments face in water environment. Especially the arrival of winter and spring, the water quality is adversely affected. From November 24 to 26, the water quality of the new Cross-river bridge in Yantai, Yantai, had exceeded the standard.

This time, the water environment problem of Datun River ushered in the "one three-court" service team – Expert service players develop research programs overnight, and investigated 32km rivers by the cross-section, and viewed 10 main tributaries. Clear ultra-standard reasons, and propose optimal solutions to solve problems. In order to help the local party committee, the government crack "there is an idea of ??the law, there is no power", Shandong innovation establishes the accurate help work mechanism of the river and lake, from the Ecological Environment Department of the Shandong Ecological Environment, Party Branch and the provincial ecological environment Party Branch of Planning and Research Institute, the Party Committee of the Provincial Environmental Protection Science Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., the party committee of the Shandong University of Environmental Engineering, the Party Committee of the Shandong University of Science and Technology, the Party Committee of the Shandong University of Justice, the party construction agreement, close attention to 153 national control section and 106 provincial control section water quality The situation is fully integrated with the respective advantages of "political and research" four parties in sewage management, forming a strong governance. Under the unfavorable climate conditions of the strongest autumn in 36 years, Shandong National Controlled Table Water Assembly Overall Trends Overall Trends.

From January to November this year, the province’s national control section has a water quality rate of 68%, which improves a percentage point year-on-year, and the ratio of inferior V-water is zero, which has improved 2 percentage points year-on-year, and the precision to help the mechanism has achieved remarkable results.

In recent years, Shandong Water environment has continued to improve, and the importance of party committees at all levels of local levels has improved significantly, but some responsible areas are subject to business quality and technical level, there is still some section of water quality over-standard or repeated fluctuations. The situation is urgently needed to be supported in policies, measures, engineering, technology, etc., to reverse the situation of passive pollution. In response to the difficult problem of the difficult point pain in the water ecological environmental governance, especially for the water quality exceeding the standard or repeated fluctuations, the "three hospital" service team established a temporary party branch in the rivers and lakes and established fast Find the "commando" and "service team" that accurately solve the problem, help the local government in the superclappier section, pollution, scientific pollution, and pollutivate pollution.

After the service team sinks, the service team will gradually change the "teach you to do", "help you" mode, to help the demise, jointly study the optimal disposal plan, and jointly propose short and medium and long-term solutions The rules of the problem.

In addition, the service team also helps all overline to apply for water-ecological environment comprehensive governance projects, assistance to central and provincial funds, and promote the quality of the surface water environment in project construction. The reporter learned that in the help of the Water Ecological Environment of the Water Ecological Environment of the Water Ecological Environment of the Water Sour of Weihai City and Heze City, the service team promptly assisted local optimization governance programs, saving local saves more than 10 million yuan per year. After the end of each river lake section, the service team will feed back the help opinion to the local government and establish a full tracking mechanism. New problems, new situations, and coordination of joint construction units to provide technical consultation, one for the end. Up to now, "a three-hospital" service team accumulates 15 rivers, 25 counties (city, districts), 146 people, assistance to find more than 160 high-out water environment, and suggesting more than 200 points, guidance Help local precision to develop a positive role in water ecological environmental governance. (Chen Xiaowu Liu Ting) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The founder of the National People’s Congress, the founder of the pig eight ring network: Developing the Internet economy, inclusive caution is important

The founder of the National People’s Congress, the founder of the pig eight ring network: Developing the Internet economy, inclusive caution is important

"China Economic Week" reporter Hu Wei’s "China Economic Week" reporter Hu Wei ︱ National two sessions on-site reports: Zhou Qi (this article issued in "China Economic Week" 2018 No. 10) Breaking AC Temporal Temporal Binding is Internet Characteristics one. In the central and western regions of traffic relatively occasionally, the Internet will bring new opportunities for local development, and some local governments will encourage the development of the Internet industry to develop priority.

Thanks to this, the Internet industry has born a large number of unicolored companies, drops, US groups, and Zhizhi and other companies.

But most of these unicolored companies are located in developed cities in the north, and they are really known as the famous Internet enterprises from the central and western regions. Pig Eight Rings Network was founded in Chongqing in 2006 in 2006, and the trading category covers creative design, website construction, online marketing, etc. The National People’s Congress representative Zhu Mingyue interviewed the "China Economic Week" report by the Beijing Economic Weekly, and explored the development of Internet companies in the central and western regions. Opportunity and bottlenecks coexist in the central and western regions of the local Internet industry, Zhu Mingyue introduced that Chongqing is a major in industrial base, manufacturing, culture, tourism and other industries, Chongqing University, Southwest University and other famous universities have trained a large number of talents, complete With the development of the soil of the Internet industry, when we started business more than 10 years ago, Chongqing has already had some companies engaged in the Internet industry, including the "computer newspaper" called China IT Industry Enlightenment Media. He said that there is a certain gap between the western region and the eastern region, but it cannot ignore the development of western cities such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an. Today, after more than 10 years, this gap is shrinking. Especially to see that the essential characteristics of the Internet are constantly breaking the concept of time and space, no east, medium, and west. Take the pig eight rings network as an example, no matter which region, as long as the water, power-on, Tong network, we can do national and global business. A manifestation of the Internet breakthroughs in time and space limit is convenient for all localities to provide intellectual support for western construction. Zhu Ming Yue believes that the key to the development of the Midwest, the key is still relying on talent.

For example, the western regional enterprises in the transition upgrade process, marketing promotion, intellectual property protection, etc., there is a large number of professional talents, but to some extent, the talents in the west are relatively lacking.

If you can share the economic platform through the Internet, find the people in the eastern region to serve us, and companies can make the world for me. Knowledge products are different from physical goods, and one network cable can complete information transmission, which greatly expands the service radius of talents. Zhu Mingyue example said: In the past, a talent service radius may only be 500 kilometers, and Beijing’s designer is difficult to design identification for a corporate design of the western region. But through the Internet, his service radius may be expanded to 5,000 kilometers.

The exchange of talents is two-way, the convenience of the Internet is more convenient to serve the west, not only the western part of the west, and the western talents can provide services to the eastern region without leaving their households.

The Internet does not create something, the only change is that it improves the connection efficiency between social production elements, especially talents. Zhu Mingyue said.

A network cable can solve a lot of problems, does not mean that the long-term development of the economy, and the long-term development of cultural education becomes uncomfortable, which is one of the reasons why there is still a gap between the Midwest and the eastern region.

Zhu Ming Yue believes that talent flow, capital flow, information flow, and technology stream are the decisive elements of Internet entrepreneurship.

The gap between the Midwest and the eastern part is constantly narrowing in more than 10 years, but still exists. For example, funds, take our company as an example, get A round financing after starting a business, but if such a company is put in Beijing, some people pay attention and investment. For example, in Beijing, people may have been in full swing, but they may have not so warm in Chongqing.

Although the gap between the information is smooth, the physical distance between talents still exists.

Zhu Ming Yue believes that there should be an important role in physical space should not be excessive expectations on the Internet.

The proposal of the next half of the Internet, requires the development of the industry, the exchange of talents, or within the physical space underline. For example, the Internet connects companies and knowledge workers, but they will still need to communicate in their face-to-face; intelligence workers’ entrepreneurship, jobs, or salon activities such as work desk, parks, communities.

Zhu Mingyue said.

The objective gap between the Internet economy should be cautious in controversial regulatory regulatory geographies, which is not possible to eliminate in the short term, and some policies or measures issued by local governments can often provide a great help to local Internet companies.

Zhu Mingyue told the "China Economic Week" reporter, a movement of the local government in Chongqing, and saved them at the time of life and death. Pig Eight Rings Network has encountered taxation and invoices: buyers are enterprises, need invoices, but the seller is often personal, no invoice. If the invoice problem does not resolve, the transaction activity on the platform will be greatly reduced.

There are also some unknown buyers, and report the taxation tax on the taxation department to the tax department.

After investigation, the tax inspection department found that the pig’s eight rings did not steal tax evolve, but the invoice issue between buyers, sellers and platforms was difficult to resolve under the current policy.

Zhu Mingyue said: The Chongqing government as a regulatory principle reflected in the inclusive prudential, they realized that this is a phenomenon that the current taxation and new economies have no match.

So the tax department immediately gave us a system of developing tickets, and putting us as a result of our tax department, as long as the seller can’t open the invoice, the buyer can apply for a pork eight ring network to open a ticket . This is an innovative means that not only solves the problem of tax, invoice, but also solves the problem of user experience on our platform.

These problems do not force the government to resolve. If you go online, we also have the responsibility of supervision, and even the responsibility for collection, and can’t get off. In the seven or eight years ago, the amount of pigs in pig eight rings is still small, and the government can complete our company, but they solve our life and death in the way of cautious regulatory methods. Zhu Mingyue said.

When new economies, new things appear, it is likely to do not match the current laws, regulations, and systems. Is it a new economy to make a suit, or actively embrace the age, optimize and upgrade law, regulations, and systems? Zhu Ming Yue believes that this free discretion is in the hands of the government. As a representative of the People’s Congress, I also tall to the local government. In addition to the development of the Internet economy, in addition to providing policies, funds, project support, it is also important to kill new things, this is also important. In addition, in order to promote the development of the Internet industry, there are a series of preferential and encourage policies in many parts of the Midwest, but the input and actual output are not always reached. Zhu Mingyue introduced that in some places, when supporting technology innovation, the total tray was not small, and the project supported funds reached billion yuan, but the effect was very small, and there were even illegal violations. There are a lot of surface, but if the mud flows into the sea. There is even some policy vents to help companies have a policy dividend.

Chongqing’s solution to this problem is that it does not directly send money to the company, but in cooperation with several venture capital agencies to establish a technology entrepreneurial venture capital guidance fund.

The government may be difficult to identify the quality of the project, but the professional venture capital institution has a strong discerning, they can screen the real outstanding enterprises, then the government will follow. It is equivalent to the government’s support funds to support funds, and shakes larger capital to invest in technology innovation enterprises. Zhu Mingyue said. Keep a talent to see that there is a phenomenon in the Midwestern region of the family. Some entrepreneurial enterprises have developed to a certain stage and will move or transfer their business to a first-tier city.

Zhu Mingyue believes that there is really this phenomenon, but it is also necessary to see that more and more Talent Talents began to return.

As a local government, focus on the career, but it is not only serving a single talent, but also seeing their families, such as children, spouse employment, housing issues, etc. He said that the business’s business should go out, facing the whole country, the whole world, this is unstoppable, so we must respect the market law, do not be arrested in the regional concept. Pig eight ring nets also have branches in many places in the country, but our headquarters is always in Chongqing.

Individual places outside Chongqing, it is true that there is a phenomenon, which is a foreign monk, and local companies are refined. This phenomenon is that local governments must be avoided. ————————————————— ——————————– "China Economic Week" 2018 10th Cover.

Shanghai construction high-level talent highland, Li Qiang Secretary listens to the high-level talents

Shanghai construction high-level talent highland, Li Qiang Secretary listens to the high-level talents

This afternoon, Li Qiang, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over to hold talent work symposia, focusing on studying the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, accelerating high-level talent highland construction, and listening to the advice of high-level talent representatives.

Li Qiang pointed out that talent is the most important resource of Shanghai and the source of future development. In-depth implementation of the new idea of ??the new concept of recent General Secretary on the new era of the new era, "the big people", the top of the "first hand chess", think about the high-level talent highland construction, more It is better to use it to provide strong strength support for Shanghai better.

The Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee was attended by Zhuge Yujie, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee.

At the symposium, the Dean of the Chip and System Frontier Technology Research Institute, Fudan University, Yang Guangzhong, the president of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical Robot, Shanghai Aerospace Science Research Institute, Zhang Yuxi, Coreyuan Micro (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Director Chang Dai Weimin, Zhang Jianhua, Executive Dean, School of Microelectronics College, Shanghai University, Ye Haifeng, Vice President of East China Normal University College of Life Science, CHEN Ling-ling, Chinese Academy of Science, CHEN Ling, School of Information and Technology, Shanghai University of Science and Technology Liu Zhen, the leader of the Yangliu Zhen, Shanghai Hesheng Technology Co., Ltd. Zhu Pengcheng, General Manager Zhu Peng, combined with their respective scientific research, entrepreneurship practice and his life experience, and made a targeted suggestion on high-level talents in Shanghai. Li Qiang carefully listened to records, and congratulated on the discussion of comrades with the association to congratulate everyone. He said that in the high-level talents in all areas of Shanghai, some resolutely abandon the development of overseas, and some of the leaders in the national major scientific and technological mission. Some in the basic research frontier areas to realize our country, and some In the development of the strategic pilot industry, it fully reflects the strong patriotic feelings, dare to make a innovation with strong hands, and the focus of the research officers.

It is because there are many outstanding talents, and the city in Shanghai has a great hope of our country.

Li Qiang pointed out that the central deployment of high-level talent highland in Shanghai and other places is a strategic layout from my country’s important talent centers and innovative highland overalls.

Shanghai should achieve the national strategic mission, the open road of brave technology and industrial innovation, providing high-level technology supply for national development, talent is the most critical strategic resource, the core power support.

To accelerate the high-level talent highlands, highlight the guidance of internationalization, build a world-class platform, implement more open talent policies, form a talent structure of the golden tower type, create a high-quality talent ecology, and better in the world.

Li Qiang pointed out that to give full play to the comprehensive advantage of Shanghai, open advantage, relax the horizon, open his mind, seize the opportunity, and increase the strength of the world to attach talents, better become the first choice for overseas talents, to China, ideal land. To collect world-class talents with world-class platforms, do strong weight-scale laboratory, large scientific facilities and high-level research universities, research institutes, accelerating the agglomeration technology leaders and multinational companies R & D center, continue to do well Entering the Expo, the World Top Scientist Forum, the world’s artificial intelligence conference, etc. To target the highest standards, it is best to level, from talent entry, living, work, life, etc., to create a test field of talent system reform.

It is necessary to fully trust talents, motivate talents, and further for talents "release loose", let all kinds of talents are not engaged in research, let go of the hand and feet.

To form a reasonable pyramid type talent structure, let the top of the tower, the tower body is stronger, and the tower is thicker.

Strengthen the weight of strategic talent as the top, increase the importance of external introduction and autonomous training. Increase the talent "reserve army", the cultivation of talents in all aspects, building a more great talent team. It is necessary to create a good ecology that will be guilty in Shanghai, come to Shanghai, and come to Shanghai full of good ecology to create a more comfortable and comfortable service and living environment for talents.

Li Qiang pointed out that the construction of a high-level talents, requires the majority of scientific and technological talents to play a greater role, achieve greater achievements in the development of career, and better become a link in the talents, and cultivate more excellent young people. It is necessary to maintain a strong intensiveness, struggle, in the basic science research, in the key core technical research, draft, constantly surpassing in the development of innovation industries, achieve more original breakthroughs, creating more life Wonderful.

Play your own advantage, introduce more excellent talents to Shanghai, cultivate more outsourcing, tomorrow’s star, let more young people go to the front desk of science and technology innovation, and take the stage of business development. There is also high strength, Zuo Xiaolei, Xu Dai Super, Li Wei, Xiao Wenlin, Zhao Xin, etc. from Shanghai University, Research Institute and Enterprise Representative.

(Editor: 迪, Han Qing) Share let more people see.

Sportnieuws Sterk, sterk gesprek, Zhejiang Grote haai, acht opeenvolgende overwinningen

Sportnieuws Sterk, sterk gesprek, Zhejiang Grote haai, acht opeenvolgende overwinningen

Morning Nieuws Reporter Yu Yu meldde dat gisteren in de middag, het Shanghai Shark Herenbasketbalteam won een overwinning van het moreel en versloeg het team van Zhejiang op 112: 103 en verkreeg de routine-competitie. Dit zijn ook de top zes teams gerangschikt als eerste op de eerste overwonnen puntlijst van de grote haai dit seizoen.

Het is de belangrijkste factor in de "dual-core" die is ge?ntroduceerd door het nieuwe seizoen van de grote haai. In de eerste helft van de zwakken kreeg de leiding in het laatste spel de "drie paar" Franklin, die het eerste deel van de grote haai was, een leidende sleutel. Het team is erg goed onder zijn injectiesprong en de scoreklei wordt uitgebreid tot twee cijfers. Franklin heeft herhaaldelijk naar buiten geraakt. Het hele eerste kwartaal, Franklin 5 Shot 4, kreeg 16 punten, plus 5 assists.

Het Zhejiang-team vertrouwde op de drie-pointers van de drie-pointers in de sterspelers, die de score stevig bijten.

Bovendien heeft het Zhejiang-team de rijst bereikt, de rijst, Yu Jiahao, die de rest van Wang Zhelin nam, met succes de mand bediende. Met een kleine climax van 13: 1 in het tweede gedeelte, overschreed het Zhejiang-team opnieuw de score. Het keerpunt van de wedstrijd bestaat ook na het Zhejiang-team is net vooruit.

Het team scoorde dit seizoen, en Zhu Xihang, die in staat was om een ??Buddh te krijgen, en de rebounds werden naar het lichaam gebracht, en de continue beweging van de elleboog. Hij werd voor het eerst gehinderd en de straf is bestraft. De straf is bestraft. De kwalificatie hiervan spel is geannuleerd. De grote haai verving vervolgens de hoofdlijn Main Wang Zelin stabiliseerde de situatie en nam een ??zwak voordeel van 1 punt in het middenveld. Impactbasket Sloten De winnende partij Zhejiang Team Twee eerste spelers Wang Yubo en Lu Wenbo zijn vroeg in de vierde "Crisis", en er is niet meer dan een vijf fout, en het heeft hun uiterlijktijd beperkt. Het heeft ook de tactische tijd beperkt Regeling van het Zhejiang-team.

Zoals Franklin het kwartet bleef doden, waren drie opeenvolgende ballen in staat om de grote haai te hebben met 85:76 tot 9 punten, gedwongen om de tegenstander te bellen. Wang Zhelin is ook een zwaargewicht in de mand, en de grote haai in "binnen en buiten de reparatie" is aan het einde van het derde deel van 92:85 dat het Zhejiang-team leidt.

In het vierde kwartaal gebruikt de grote haai een 8: 2-graad om de twee teams in twee cijfers uit te breiden. Echter, de eerste keer in het seizoen, het Franklin, dat meer dan 40 minuten was, de fysieke kracht is afgenomen, en het Zhejiang-team profiteerde van Wang Zhelin om een ??tijdelijke kans te nemen om de divisie te verkleinen tot 3 punten.

Maar met Wang Zhelin werd de scène van het spel echter opnieuw gecontroleerd door de grote haai.

In het bijzonder bleef Wang Zhelin de mand schokken en duurde zelfs 6 punten en stuurde een assists, waardoor de grote haaien opnieuw 11 punten van toonaangevende voordelen hadden bereikt en de overwinning te vergrendelen. In dit spel sneed Franklin de hoogste 39 punten van het team af en 9 rebounds en 15 assists; Wang Zhelin nam niet alleen 24 punten en 13 rebounds, maar stuurde ook 9 assists, maar ook naar het podium "Drie paren" goed spelen.

De acht-game winnende Shanghai Big Shark Heren basketbalteam heeft 10 overwinningen en 2 verliezen bereikt in 12 rondes in de top van het reguliere seizoen, rangschikking van de top drie in het klassement. De definitieve competitie in de eerste fase van het reguliere seizoen van dit seizoen zal zaterdag 19:35 worden uitgevoerd, ze zullen een ander ranking team Shenzhen-team hebben. Sourceph "Style =" Display: NONE ">.

Seriously study and implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Spirit BR incentives to create a new era mission in the future with history

Seriously study and implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Spirit BR incentives to create a new era mission in the future with history

>> Zhao Kezhi emphasized serious learning to implement the party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China and the Supreme Future Police Decoration of the New Times Mission Task Release Time: 2021-11-1308: 31 Saturday Source: Rule of Law Daily – State Council of Legal Network, Party Committee Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security, presided over the 12th of the Communist Party Committee (expansion) meeting, seriously convey the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party of the Conference, and Implement Opinions .

He emphasized that he must carefully study the important speech and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", excitation The whole police is based on the history, starting the future, burying the hard work, the courage, faithfully fulfilling the new era mission mission given by the party and the people, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great revival to make new and larger contribute.

The meeting emphasized that we must profoundly study the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, and earnestly unify our thoughts and actions to the spirit of the Plenary.

Be deeply recognized the importance of summing up the important achievements of the party’s 100-year struggle, and see why we can succeed in the past 100 years of struggle, how can we continue to succeed in the future? Why is the Chinese Communist Party can, why? Well, why Chinese characteristic socialism is good historical logic, theoretical logic, practical logic. We must deeply understand the initial mission of the party’s 100-year struggle, in the new historical starting point, maintain a strategic power, anchoring the strategic goal, keep in mind the "country", loyal to the people’s public security for the people’s initial mission, in realizing the Chinese nation Contributing the public security power in the history of great revival. The meeting emphasizes that learning is good, propagated, and implements the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, is the major political task of the public security organs in the future. The Ministry of Public Security must focus on leadership teams and leading cadres, and do a good job of learning and propaganda of the spirit of the Plenary, and strive to work in the process of learning and implementation.

To organize the public security department, the majority of party members and cadres origin, in-depth thinking, combined with the actual learning, comprehensive system learning to understand the spirit of the spirit of the spirit, constantly leading the learning propaganda work to deepen, effectively from the party’s struggle to learn wisdom and strength.

The meeting requires to strengthen political construction and resolutely achieve "two maintenance".

Established the core of Xi Jinping’s Central Committee, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, reflecting the will of the whole party, reflecting the people’s voice, is the call of the times, historical options, people in the heart.

We must deeply understand the historical necessity and extreme importance of "two maintenance", always put the banner clear politics as the first requirement, and make loyalty as the first standard, constantly strengthen loyalty core, support the core, follow the core, defend the heart’s high thinking Consciousness, political consciousness, consciousness, and unswervingly adhere to General Secretary Xi Jinping to lead the rudder to ensure that at any time, under any circumstances, he resolutely listened to the General Secretary of Xi Jinping and obey the party’s central director. The meeting emphasized that we must study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, and do a good job in the current key work. In-depth promotion of party history education, and guide the party members and cadres to further learn the history of history, school history, study history, and study history.

To carry out the education and rectification of "look back", carefully organize assessment acceptance, and effectively strengthen the results, ensure that education rectification is achieved. To carefully plan the ideas and initiatives of the public security work next year, serious research and formulate a work program that safeguard national political security and social stability next year.

Together, we must do a good job in maintaining safety and stability in the end of the year, the bottom line thinking, strengthen risk awareness, and strictly grasp the stability, protect safety, anti-risk, and grasp the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, and the Winter Olympics security. Ensure that the society has continued to stabilize. It is necessary to do a good job of customizing the units and vertical pipelines, direct unit epidemic prevention and control, strict port entry and exit and border management, and prevent the epidemic input and rebound. Editor in charge: Wu Di.

The two comments of the people’s network "National Quality": Is the civilized inheritance broken?

The two comments of the people’s network "National Quality": Is the civilized inheritance broken?

As a genetic generation of China, "ritual" in the ancient civilization.

Japan’s "Tang Dynasty" footsteps, the Silk Road camel, Zheng Hevo’s sails … burned the trajectory of the Chinese etiquette and spread.

"In the moral Europeans, Europeans should become Chinese apprentices.

"French thinker Voltaire has said this.

But in the late Qing Dynasty, with the country, the country is more than the twists and turns, "the state of the ceremonial" color is dusty, and the Liang Qi super pain is "with today’s theory, the civilization of China and Europe, the same is not yet.

"Did the world? Is it a lot of people? Our civilization is true to disclose? Faced with these problems, photos of the qualities, many people feel less than a few points. Needless to say, we will develop The high-speed train has been rushing to catch up with the era, but often has no time to take care of how many historical gifts and traditional retained. It is a fool, which is a fool, and this is lost. "The real portrayal. Some people’s quality improvement is similar to the progress of the times, leading to the inconsistency of uncivilized behavior or moral misidentification, this is an unavoidable topic. The development of the times, the richness of life, the progress of the rule of law, It has laid a solid foundation for highlighting and maintaining individual legitimate rights and interests.

However, some social members do not have the right and obligations of balance, and distorted the maintenance of individual rights to self-focus.

High-speed rail smoking, robbing steering wheel, sharing bicycle is destroying private use, etc. Just like the netizen criticized "High-speed Railler" person: "Your quality can’t match the high-speed rail you ride." At the same time, it is highly comparable to the material level sesame, and our spiritual civilization is also "water rising boat." . After the founding of New China, the party and the government emphasized the quality of people, and improved the national quality was also defined as the fundamental investigation of socialist modernization, which greatly promoted the improvement of the modernization of the national quality. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have passed the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation, further promote traditional culture and modern civilization, and promote a series of civilized fashion, continuous swaying and bad wind. As the only ancient civilization in the ancient country of the four civilizations, from the tradition of the transformation of the tradition, the Chinese people seek self-improvement from the Chinese people have no time to stop.

"The porridge is not easy to think, the half-ray and semi-lost material is difficult." In the restaurant, order, civilized dining has become a contemporary diet; "people are rude, things are not rude, The country is rude. "- In the scenic spot, throwing garbage, the phenomenon of the branch and shake trees is getting less;" a custom, it is solidified, the book is aimed to teach "- red and white happy, marriage Doing, funeral is a new etiquette … a period of ancient training is still being swayed, a rumor is still somewhat being succinked, the Chinese nationality is still the source of the nourishing modern civilization, catalyzes public civilization to become the heart of the Chinese Do not have to remind consciousness and kindness for others.

The discussion of the public on the national quality is more and more enthusiastic.

China has been the most popular civilized etiquette in the world. When you move forward, civilized etiquette should never be a peel and confetti that we will throw a trolley. Each of us is full of good life, and a good logo in the new era is an intention of "the state of the etiquette".

This logo is full of historical thickness, and it is also the direction in which we will not deviate.

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Promote the application of advanced technology in the field of intelligent transportation

Promote the application of advanced technology in the field of intelligent transportation

  People’s Network Beijing March 20 (Wang Lianxiang) According to the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, jointly issued the "National Standardization Management Committee" Guide (Intelligent Transportation) " (Hereinafter referred to as "Guide (Intelligent Transportation)"), promote advanced technology in intelligent transportation fields, promote automatic driving and road synergistic technology applications and industrial health development. As an important part of the "National Territories System Construction Guide", "Guide (Intelligent Transportation)" is aimed at intelligent transportation, core technology and key applications, including intelligent transportation basic standards, service standards, technical standards, products. Standards, etc.

  "Guide (Intelligent Transportation)" proposed that by the end of 2022, the intelligent transportation infrastructure, traffic information assistance and other fields have more than 20 intelligent traffic, and the standard system that supports the application and industrial development of the network is initially constructed; to 2025 In the year, the system is revised, the intelligent management and service, the key standards of the car roads are more than 20 key standards, and the system forms a standard system that supports the use of the vehicle network application, meets transportation management and service needs. In addition, "Guide (Intelligent Transportation)" also requires all localities to combine transportation management and service work, reasonable planning of intelligent traffic related standard architecture, adhere to demand guidance, innovation, speeding up, and urgently needed, to create innovation drivers , Open collaborative car network industry provides support to help speed up construction of transportation.

(Editor: Jiang Fruit, Yang Xianina).

QixingGuan District Frankrijk Village: ontwikkelen van kastanjebranche die landelijke revitalisatie helpt

QixingGuan District Frankrijk Village: ontwikkelen van kastanjebranche die landelijke revitalisatie helpt

Menselijke Qin is vroeg en de veerparren is bezig. Onlangs, in het Langcun-dorp, Qiandi Township, Qiandguan District, is een drukke scene van een werk en proberen de dorpelingen kastanje zaailingen te planten en nieuwe hoop uit te zenden. "We verwachten dat het plantengebied dit jaar ongeveer 17 hectare is.

In de afgelopen dagen, de dorpelingen met boerderijwerktuigen, distributie van bergen, zaailing, gravende putten, stress …, gecombineerd met elkaar, bij het grijpen van de landbouw, het planten van een spanning zaailing in de bergen.

De kastanjebranden is altijd de speciale sector geweest in Qianxi Township, en in Frankrijk dorp, het kastanjebeperkte gebied is al lang meer dan duizend MU, maar deze jonge boompjes zijn door de mensen zelf geconstrueerd, ze kunnen zichzelf, hoewel het aanplant gebied is niet klein, maar de managementervaring Het is uniform, het is volledig "diner". Elk oogstseizoen halen de dorpsbewoners het op, meestal is de verkoopprijs per kilogram retail 3 tot 4 yuan, en de prijs kan worden verkocht aan 5 yuan.

Een jaar zijn er ook duizenden yuan in het inkomen.

De boeren verreweg groeien en meer beheerden hebben bijna 10.000 yuan in het inkomen en kastanjes zijn een van de belangrijke inkomensbronnen geworden.

"Niet alleen is de eenvoud van het plantenbeheer, maar nog belangrijker, ‘Qianxi Chestnut’ is niet verkoopt. Vanwege het speciale terrein van Qianxi Township, de grond, de kastanje, die groeit, heeft een goede smaak en fase, in de markt , geen vork, soms heb ik het oogstseizoen niet gekregen, ik was geboekt door een leverancier. "Zhao Yen zei.

De unieke geografische voordelen, de marktomgeving, waarmee het bestuur een prioritaire keuze kan worden voor de ontwikkeling van de Township Qianxi.

Tegelijkertijd hebben de economische voordelen van kastanjes ook gemaakt dat veel dorpsbewoners al een idee hebben gehad om plantenschaal uit te breiden.

Na het Spring Festival dit jaar, toen het Francun-dorp de landbouw greep, met behulp van het land van het retourneren van landbouwgrond, verhoogde het vloeroppervlak van de kastanjebranden en streven ernaar 130 hectare te bereiken. Na het vormen van een grootschalige industrie, leidt het dorp ook het dorp Co?peratie, dok de markt, Unified Acisition Sales, en streven ernaar om de belangen van de dorpsbewoners te waarborgen, en de toenemende productie van de dorpelingen maakt zich zorgen over hun verkoop. Met het leiderschap van de co?peratie hebben veel dorpsbewoners positief gereageerd en de dorpelingen van de dorpszakgroep Li Shiyuan waren een van hen.

Het kastanfabriekgebied van zijn familie is minder dan 2000 vierkante meter, maar het is veel hoger dan de traditionele gewassen, maar hoeft ook niet veel energie uit te geven om ervoor te zorgen, waardoor Li Shiyuan een idee heeft om te groeien de schaal van plantenschaal. Een paar dagen geleden hoorde ik dat de regering gratis een saplotte bood, die de dorpelingen spontaan aanplant, hij nam de eerste keer om deel te nemen aan het team van kastanjebranden. "In aanvulling op het uitbreiden van plantengebied, zal het dorp van Frankrijk ook de begeleiding van kastanjemanagement verhogen, zodat het hele dorp niet alleen de productie, meer kwaliteit kan produceren." Zhao Yen zei dat met het oog op de onvoldoende managementervaring van de meeste boeren, de Volgende stap zal dorp relevante experts uitnodigen om zich te concentreren op training, diepgaand veld en gids dorpsbewoners om te planten, te beheren, professoren te verhogen, wiet, gecultiveerd, teelt, enz. De dorpelingen zijn rijk ingevoerd. "Spring Seeds, één gierst, herfst oogst duizenden", Francun, stapte op de landelijke revitalisering, het grijpen van de landbouw, opgedroogd, niet gemakkelijk, lente voetstappen van ver en nabij, de prachtige foto van het land is ook hier hier de tweede vrijgelaten. (Zhou Haidong, Lin Tianwei) Bron: (Editor: Li Yongxin, Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.